Saturday, January 16, 2016

Habits Versus Reality

For someone like me who is in the BPO industry, change of body clock is one of my many struggles. This continues to be a fact despite being in the same industry for over a decade now. Your schedule would suddenly change when you have already adjusted your way of living, and when you have finally found work arounds for your daily routines.

This is precisely the same as our habits. As they say "Old habits die hard". It's difficult to break old habits. We can't just give up something that we have been doing for a lengthy period of time: May it be a simple routine such as drinking a cup of coffee at 3 AM, going to the salon every after two weeks to have your hair or nails done, your vices that you can't let go of, frequenting your favorite hang outs or indulging yourself with your favorite food, seeing the same person or same sets of friends, or even your perceptions in life.

There are underlying reasons for doing the same things over and over. Scientifically, it has to do with how our brain works. It has to do with how we program our brains to function in such a way that it becomes a behavior and routinary. In layman's terms, habit is something that we do automatically as we consciously and subconsciously gain pleasure, happiness, and contentment in it. Habit is what we do on a regular basis, a routine, and what we can't imagine our lives to be without.

If we ponder about what we do regularly and constantly, we will come to our senses and realize that there are things that we do that we still do simply because we can't get these things out from our systems. Admit it or not, we get scared of changing our habits or even our future plans as the result may not be as pleasurable as how the result of your habits give you now. We are scared of what the future entails if we change our normal ways of living the lives we have now.

But in reality, we have to sometimes un-learn what we have learned to do. We have to accept that there are things or people that we need to live or be without. We don't have any choice but to accept that we can't forever do what we do as change is the only thing that is constant in this world that we live in. We have to allow changes to happen, may it be in terms of career, relationship, family, or just a mere perception about life.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Moving Forward

I bet people, of different races and culture from all over the globe are done, or almost done in celebrating the end of 2015 and start of 2016. Who would have thought that in a snap of your little fingers, by counting off before midnight struck, one whole year ended as the new one starts to unfold? Who would have realized that we have been doing the same routine every eve of the following year, with same sets of the so-called New Year's Resolution year after year, yet, we haven't done anything (or we don't get to sustain what we have started) to fulfill the promises we make?

Insane may it sound, I admit that I am guilty of this viscous cycle every single year, with no such luck. This makes me believe sometimes that promises are really made to be broken. But then again, we also stay to how we are owing to the idea of not wanting to get out of our cocoons as we are too comfortable to be in it and too scared of getting out from it. No matter how hard we try, our subconscious minds tell us to stay to where we are, to repeatedly make the same mistakes, and to just to be in our comfort zones, our yield from had reality.

Love, career, health, and money are the top four areas we constantly focus on (and rant about). We promise to be on a strict calory count a.k.a. diet and lose those ugly bulges by the end of every year which doesn't pan out. Admit it, if this is your new year's resolution, you go on a diet but you have your "cheat day" that becomes "cheat days" until such a time that diet is no longer in your dictionary. We promise to stop our vices (drinking, smoking, playing the lottery, partying, etc.). We stop temporarily but we go back to it simply because we miss doing such, and it's already part of our system that we feel incomplete if we don't do it. We only avoid any of these vices during the first few months, worst is, we only get to keep our promises for a few days at times. And when it comes to love, we make a long list of promises that we don't do; We commit on not dwelling on a past relationship when we still do; We commit on not getting our hopes high to be with someone we really like when we still do; We promise to forget someone who left us mending a broken heart but we don't; We promise not to be affected by someone's sweet gestures to avoid being friend-zoned, yet, we still get affected.

These are just some of the promises we make as part of our New Year's Resolution. The big question is, why do we need to swear to change only when it's too late and only during New Year's Eve or Day? We don't need for a year to end just to change our lifestyles, perceptions, and goals. If we can act on it now, why wait for twelve long months to let go of the heavy baggages and move forward?

Hence now, I won't have any new year's resolution. I will live my life to it's fullest. I will try my best to avoid negative vibes. I will just go with the flow. I will forget the past, and move forward to a better year, and work harder for a better me.

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