Tuesday, April 28, 2009

beach bum

I really just LOVE the beach!!!

Although it has been raining these past few days (on a summer time mind you), It still feels so good to be on the beach. Just seeing the clear bluish green water makes me feel relaxed... the hot climate yet cool wind that gently brushes your cheeks... foot prints in the fine sand.... the perfect sky that looks like a painting... having a good tan... and ofcourse those gorgeous boys in their tight trunks showing their to-dye-for muscles... SO WHERE ELSE WOULD YOU RATHER BE THAN STAY ON THE BEACH FOREVER, RIGHT?

Call me desperate, call me pathetic, or brand me ugly names, I DON'T CARE. But I'll definitely make the most of my summer and join every person I know who has plans on going to a summer spree. This is actually just the second time for this month and I was the UNINVITED guest again, hahaha!! I had to literally forced Migs again to tag me along to his team's outing in laiya, San Juan, Batangas. I used my talent (which is acting, ahem!) to make my hubby agree. Well, to tell you quite frankly, we haven't had our honeymoon yet because I was already preggy when we tied the knots. And that was more than four years ago. We seldom go out of town, that makes us both feel that it's about time we join our friends and enjoy while we still can. So in short, he brought me with him. Ofcourse I won!!

The drive all the way to our destination was supposed to be for just approximately three to four hours, and guess what?? It took us 6 hours. We got a little lost wherein we passed a somehow spooky area, with all those trees without lights that no one was passing except for us. But it was fun and we just charged it to experience. The place really isn't that big but the beach is so nice that you'd forget how crowded the place was.

We had a fantastic time, food was great, his team mates were so warm that I didn't feel an ounce of timidness. We had an hour boat ride and they did snorkeling. I would want to but I guess I am not that brave to test the deep blue sea since I don't swim. Atleast I had my pictures taken in the middle of nowhere. I wanted to stay there but I have to go back to reality and head home for I have shift the following day. I wasn't able to go hunk-searching, but it was such a great stay that I have to thank my hubby's team mates and his boss-Losh who have been so accommodating.

And best of all, I had my tan. ☺

simply mhei

Friday, April 24, 2009

Is it really summer??

For the months of March until May, Philippines is known to have a very hot climate. When I say hot, it's really HOT that you want to stay inside the fridge forever than perspire like raindrops. It is so hot and humid that even you are walking at a very slow pace, it seems like you did an hour of jogging for sweating big time. Electricity bills definitely will shoot up for turning the aircon practically 24/7. Ice cream and Halo Halo vendors will surely get better income for everyone will crave for something cool.

Well, for the past 4 days, if my calculation is correct, it has been raining real hard. I don't know if we have a storm coming since I seldom watch telly. It is supposed to be summer time and it's raining. Weird, isn't it? Ofcourse I am not complaining. Even if I have to commute and be stranded the whole day and get home with mud all over my jeans... I LOVE IT! I just love the feeling of seeing those people wet and all because they don't have umbrellas handy, hahaha!!! Kidding side, we need rain on summer season like this to somehow balance the weather.

I just hope it won't rain tomorrow because it's BEACH DAY for me!!!

simply mhei

Friday, April 10, 2009

summer time!

It's summer time once again!!

Everyone wants to hit the beach and have tan, ladies are on a strict diet and excited looking for the skimpiest swimsuits, lots of people are scouting for the best beaches around... We all want to lounge near the sea and have fun.

Had just one trip to the beach early this month. I admit, I just literally forced my hubby and his former team mates to include me on their team building but it was worth strangling their necks because I really had a fantastic time. At least I had my tan and I can already say that I went somewhere this summer, hahaha!

The place isn't as neat as those white sand beaches that will cost you a fortune if you stay overnight, and it's just regular sand, typical to those gravel and sand that we would normally buy to build a house, hahaha! It's somewhere in Ternate, Cavite, forgive me for forgetting the name of the resort, it's ranch something resort. The place has a pool with slides, with hall, videoke, and you can have bonfire at night. The rooms are just fine, and best of all, the accommodation rates are within your budget. You can cook, sing all day-all night, talk dirt and yell at each other for all they care. You can snuggle with your partner under the cool palm trees, you can climb the trees like monkeys and get coconot, you can do what you want to do!

If you are just after hitting the beach and having fun with limited funds, then this place will really do. I bet it will even be better if they will develop the place. Not as glamorous as Amanpulo or Boracay, but at least you need not worry about plane tickets and going home with no money at all. 2-3 hours drive from Manila and you're there. And if you are with someone you enjoy being with, does place matters???

simply mhei

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