Tuesday, December 23, 2008

4th wedding anniversary

December 18, 2008. Another remarkable day for me and my husband since we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. I can't believe it that we haven't strangled each other yet to death until now, hahaha!

I have been uber busy with the holiday and all that I feel I have neglected my blog sites for almost a week now. Well, I swear, after this season is over, I'll try to post as much as I can.

Since we have been really busy with work and the holiday rush, I wasn't able to file for a vacation leave like I normally do in the past. Okay, I admit, I don't have any vacation leave credits for this year because I consumed it all. Well, you know how fun it is to be off work!

So, due to a very hectic schedule and recession (hahaha!), Migs and I just went to a dinner before going to work. Well, the dinner is not just a typical dinner. We went at MELO's steak house @ Westgate.

The place is really nice. It should be nice because the prices of their dishes would draw a hole in your pocket. Melo's serve steaks, their specialty, then a variety of Western cuisine. Check their menu and you'll think twice if you will eat a killer 20-oz-wagyu steak or you will just hit the mall and buy yourself a new cell phone.

Well, we just ordered buffalo wings for appetizer, then Melo's famous steak and gambas as main dishes. Good thing about fine dining restaurants, they do serve extras for free like breads and soup of the day for appetizers and desserts.

Let us not talk about the price because I'd rather not disclose that info and check it for yourselves so you will also experience their to-crave-for selection of dishes. And how you'll never forget having to dine with Melo's because of their friendly attendants and again, the price that you have to pay after.

The best part of the date was having to eat their gigantic steak with mashed potato and some veggies you'd forget your name. It's really superb! Then after the heavy meal, they served a tempting chocolate mousse with grapes. Hell yeah! And the toasts they served were really delicious with caviar. They also have creamy crab soup as soup of the day. Looks yummy, but since I'm allergic to seafood, I passed on that. If only we're rich, we would have bought all the dishes they serve and disobey one of God's 10 commandments about being a glutton. Hahaha.

I know we were not able to go out somewhere else as we planned to, but the date was really fun and something we would want to do again in the future, if money permits. Hahaha. Just think that you will spend the same amount of money if you go out of town or something. Try Melo's, you'll enjoy it, and I'll bet my life on it. Happy anniversary to us!!!

►►simply mhei◄◄

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Convergys-Alabang once again had an awesome Christmas party on December 15, 2008 help at The Palms Country Club.
The Convergys' Black Fashionista Party- Noire, was this year's theme so obviously, everyone, or mostly all employees ( We couldn't help it if there were some party poopers right?) wore their best black outfits ever.
The party was really fantastic, with great selection of dishes as usual- western cuisine, with several Japanese dishes like sushi and wraps. If only my stomach cooperated with me that night I would have been a glutton.
Since Convergys (CVG) alabang has more than two thousand population at this moment (who would be able to guess that with a factory-sized building,hahaha!), the place was jampacked with party people and some geeks who just want to make sure that they would also be part of the once in a year party.
The annual dance contest was joined by the talented people of CVG, dance group called MOVERS CONNECTION being the awarded as this year's champion. Then ofcourse, the ever famous band of CVG which is MALAYA played series of great songs being rock as their genre. Ofcourse, if there are parties, there are perks like raffles and prizes for the dance contest and best dressed, etc. As usual, I was hoping I would win something even just a small token, and surely, after 4 years with the company, I still didn't get any AGAIN. Life sucks. I hate my friend Red who won trip for 2 to Palawan when I need i
t of all people since our wedding anniversary is just a few days away...grrrrrr RED!!!! Hahaha...sounds bitter eh??

Highlights of the night were the following: Having actor John Pratts as one of the judges for the dance competition and having Parokya ni Edgar as the band for this year's party.

Parokya ni Edgar's songs are just wonderful as ever! They played their old songs and they made the night someting to remember, something to write as blog post. They're all down to earth and I think they enjoyed performing for the CVG people.

Right after the party was a separate party for the TCONS or COACHES (91c01) ...that's us!!!! We went to Central BF ParaƱaque. We could have gone somewhere else having nine thousand pesos as our team fund with all those awards we had in the past. We had our exchange gift, had another pair of havaianas as a gift from my monita Ivy. (Thanks Ivy!! ) Then right after my hubby and I went bar hopping and went to my wavemates and original CVG friends at LAIYA which is just right after central, so we literally bar-hopped from Central to Laiya. The day has been fantastic and tiring but all worth it.
simply mhei

Monday, December 8, 2008

Another week

My rest days are over once again..In short, I have to drag myself to work again. I know I shouldn't be this way, but sometimes, if you have been doing the same thing over and over, you need a breather..You want to try something new...I'm not saying that I am not enjoying my job anymore. I am surrounded with good friends, wonderful colleagues and excellent bosses. Everyone practically knows who I am, and pay is somewhat(?) good, what else can I ask for?
I just felt that it's about time to do something else...not really find another job, but move up to do the ladder, you know what I mean?
Well, I would love to stay with the company, being one of the top corporations in the country, also being known all across the world. The benefits are good and I can still in some ways splurge with the salary that I have right now. I would rather have this job than just doing a typical clerical job if you know what I mean. Ofcourse, no pun intended here. I don't want you to think that I'm being paid less or what not. I just want to feel how it is to have a raise. a raise that is not just a few hundreds or thousands away from what I am earning now, but a raise wherein I can really feel the difference, and the scope of my job will change as well.
Problem is, due to the economic crisis we have and my employer has (US) lately, I feel that it's out of the question. Honestly, I have been dying to apply for a higher position since summer, and up until now, there are no positions being opened in our site. There are opened job requisitions  for other sites and I thought of applying but I was torn between starting all over again and not being qualified for the position.
Well, going back to my work at the moment, in just a few hours, I'll have to face irate customers AGAIN. Unfortunately, our agents are done with their transition period, that only means--- I'm back to being a call girl, err, I mean I have to hit the phones again until another set of transition agents come in. (Hopefully by in 2 weeks time). Well, that's REALITY that I have to face...
♥♥♥simply mhei♥♥♥

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yesterday was another day to celebrate for the Filipinos. I have two reasons to celebrate. I cheered amongst millions of Filipinos upon the victory of Manny Pacquiao a.k.a. Pacman after defeating Oscar De La Hoya, which is believed to be the most awaited dream match of the year.
The game was really great, specially if you were able to watch it commercial-free. Fortunately for me, I work for a satellite provider in the United States that caters to pay per views and boxing events, so they showed it on all the televivions in the office, they even set up a big screen on the third floor pantry so employees can bring guests to watch it live. Mind you, that's with free flowing snacks that I was even able to bring some home. I rendered overtime to take in calls since a lot of people wanted to watch this grand event. So aside from the overtime pay, watching the fight and getting free snacks, I'll have PHP400 gift cheque that I can use almost everywhere since I rendered OT for 4hours. Cool, isn't it?
Well, the fight had been swell, honestly, I thought all along that De La Hoya will win over Pacman since the former is taller with longer arms than the latter. I didn't want to see any of the two lose. De la Hoya is good looking (hahahaha) and Pacman is a proud Filipino. But of course, only ONE will be proclaimed as the winner. It's not a title match anyway.
De La Hoya had his shares of major blows on the first and second rounds, apparently, Pacman was able to give his best and gave De La Hoya hard punches by the 4th and succeeding rounds that De La Hoya decided to concede before the 9th round started.
Pacman really had a lead on majority of the scorecards even before De la Hoya called it a night. Pacman had landed 224 of 485 punches whereas De La Hoya had only 83 out of 402. Pacman had 195 power punches and De La Hoya only had managed to give Pacman 51 power punches.
Pacman surely gave Filipinos someting to celebrate about. He's really living to that "destroyer" image. He's small but indeed terrible! I pity De La Hoya for having his hadsome face bruised. You can't win 'em all, anyway.
And another thing that I celebrated about yesterday?? Well, It's my fourth year stay with the company I work for...one more year and I can file for an early retirement...Hahahaha!!!
♥♥♥simply mhei♥♥♥

Monday, December 1, 2008

Lunch @ Poquito Mas

My husband and I are certified food lovers. We try all the interesting restaurants, with different cuisines and specialties, we even go barbeque or tapsilog(marinated beed with garlic rice and egg) hopping whenever we don't have anything to cook at home.

Last week, we just tried POQUITO MAS located just near our office- Westgate, Filinvest Corp. Alabang,
Muntinlupa City, Philippines. Well, honestly, it was our 2nd time to eat there. I love spanish-latino cuisine as their banner say so-SPLATINO CUISINE.

In Spanish, Poquito Mas means "A little bit no more". Well, that is maybe because they have hefty servings, you will really be bloated after dining at this fab restaurant. And the place looks so homey, has a Mediterranean touch, ambiance is really refreshing. They even have a small conference room if you want to celebrate with your friends, then a dining area outside for people who smoke. It looks a little ancient to me but the interiors are really of class. They serve Spanish and Mexican primarily, but Poquito Mas also serves international cuisine, Asian is one of them. They have lunch buffet on weekdays (The reason we went back).

They serve the best tacos in the world!! You can have it soft or you can have it hard. There's a lot in their menu that it took me a long time to finally decide on what to eat. Ofcourse I don't want to be a glutton on that day and I'm thinking about our budget. Their nachos are just great!! The salsa really goes well with the nachos. And they have several selections of mouth-watering pizzas. This is making me hungry. Hahaha.

On our first visit, we decided to order my ever fave nachos, a rib-eyed steak and callos. And when we found out that they serve lunch buffet at a very reasonable price (PHP299 before tax), we visited Poquito Mas last Friday. Their selection of food on their buffet table are just mouth watering! They have salads, breads, pasta, egg noodles, chicken and bacon, lemon chicken, meat balls, pork belly, barbecue, tropical fruits, brownies...there's a lot that I lost track. Well, I forgot about my diet again and ate a whole lot. I just couldn't help it. Well, I'll look like an idiot if I'll just order onion rings and a glass of iced tea and just stare at Miguel eating different kinds of food, enjoying every bite then the money we'll pay for our food would be deducted from both of our wallets! That's unfair!

We really had a good time at Poquito Mas. They also have Mexican dinner buffet, that's what we will try next. Check out this place.  I'm sure you won't regret it.

♪♫♪Simply mhei♪♫♪

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