Thursday, March 26, 2009

change of body clock (again???)

After 4 days off work(2 days off and 2 days leave), I am back and guess what?? My shift changed again. Well, I understand that I am working for a call center industry wherein even on the interview process, I was expected that I might be on a shifting schedule and I should adapt to constant changes. I kinda like the new schedule, though it starts a bit early(4am) for someone who sleeps late, but if you were in the night shift forever, then all of a sudden you'll be transferred to the morning shift the following week, then back to night shift the week after and then AGAIN back to the morning shift the week after next, what do you expect? It's not that I am complaining, it's just that sometimes I feel that it's not fair. I would understand it more if you'll have to only adjust your schedule for several hours but from changing your body clock totally every after week, well, you will say that it's too much, right? And we are coaches, we are not like those regular voice and cyber agents that have flexible working schedules. Transition classes have been in the night shift forever...well, there was a time that transition coaches were split into 2 team- night and day shifts to address seat capacity and service level but now, the whole team was transferred back and forth... I admit, I don't get the point, but who am I really to complain? For me, it will even be easier so my hubby and I will have somehow the same schedule since we work for the same company. Just think of that additional pay I am getting for night differential(If you work from10pm-6am as per revised Philippines Labor Code)...

I have heard we are gonna be in the morning shift for good. Well, whatever the schedule is, whether opener or closer, it's fine, but heck, I hope changing our transition schedule wouldn't be as extreme as what happened to us lately. But on the brighter side, at least we still have work. ☺☺☺

simply mhei

Sunday, March 15, 2009

almost done

After a month and a half of commuting to and from the office...after all the hassle of finding engine parts...after starving myself to death and after depriving myself in buying stuff I crave for...finally, Migs and I were finally done paying for our new engine- a fuel injected something(Please pardon my little knowledge on car parts).

I believe I did mention that our car just stopped from working. We were so lucky that it didn't happen in the muddle of the highway with cops roaming around that we have to pay big bucks. I realized how convenient it really is having your own don't have to squeeze in the mass of perspiring bodies(just imagine how you smell by the time to get home) while riding a jeepney, you need not wait forever for a tryke when your shift starts in the wee hours of the morning, and ofcourse, having the pleasure of taking shortcuts to avoid that effing traffic.

Well, just a few more car parts, and ofcourse installing the new car engine, then I'm a happy camper!

simply mhei

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

great combination!?!?

I have been telling myself for the past weeks that even I have few hours of sleep, everything would just go out just fine. I have overtime pay, i have extra money, hence, I'll have something to spare and have my car fixed.


I just did the most sensational, the worst case scenario I never thought possible, something unknown to human being, a very humiliating situation I ever got myself into, something I don't want to happen again in a million years. Worst, it can be regarded as the talk of the century.

Fine, I'm overreacting. I just couldn't figure out what mess I was in and how to get out of it.

My shift starts 9pm and ends 6 am, but I only got home around 10am when work isn't that far from where I live. It's just a 45-minute drive home including the normal traffic Las PiƱas City has (Please don't ask what the not so normal traffic is like, you'll have severe headache). It looks like I've rendered overtime again. You're WRONG. Actually, overtime in a way but not paid. I just have to finish some of the admin tasks I have being a transition coach(I LOVE doing admin tasks mind you). So in short, I'm tired but I NEED to cook something. I felt that I have been neglecting my job as a wife lately, so I decided to cook something extra special for Migs, well, not really that special, but a dish that I'm sure he'll love-our all time fave caldereta. And since I have to make the meat tender and all forever, I have to make it as quick as I can or I'll lose the chance to have my much awaited beauty sleep again.

That means I have to do shortcuts, so yes, I have to do away with the ready made caldereta mix and just add the stuff and you're good to go. I saw 2 packs of caldereta mix in the fridge (or so I thought) and threw the contents on top of the boiling beef. Now that everything is tender (including the veggies), I tried to taste it, and guess what? IT TASTED WEIRD! And you know why? BECAUSE I JUST SIMPLY USED A CALDERETA MIX AND A SINIGANG(TAMARIND) MIX on my a kilo and a half beef!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm dead! I SWEAR!!!!!

Imagine tasting caldereta with a sour twinge. Well, that's how you'll find it. I bet you wouldn't want to eat caldereta for another decade.

Well, what else can go wrong, right?

With the global economic and all, I don't want to just put 'em into waste. So, I have to wash the meat and rinse several times like your laundry and start from scratch. And I guess, now I can call it Mechado.

Caldereta and Tamarind Mix that turned out to be Mechado- such a perfect combination, right? Hahahaha.

simply mhei

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