Thursday, March 26, 2009

change of body clock (again???)

After 4 days off work(2 days off and 2 days leave), I am back and guess what?? My shift changed again. Well, I understand that I am working for a call center industry wherein even on the interview process, I was expected that I might be on a shifting schedule and I should adapt to constant changes. I kinda like the new schedule, though it starts a bit early(4am) for someone who sleeps late, but if you were in the night shift forever, then all of a sudden you'll be transferred to the morning shift the following week, then back to night shift the week after and then AGAIN back to the morning shift the week after next, what do you expect? It's not that I am complaining, it's just that sometimes I feel that it's not fair. I would understand it more if you'll have to only adjust your schedule for several hours but from changing your body clock totally every after week, well, you will say that it's too much, right? And we are coaches, we are not like those regular voice and cyber agents that have flexible working schedules. Transition classes have been in the night shift forever...well, there was a time that transition coaches were split into 2 team- night and day shifts to address seat capacity and service level but now, the whole team was transferred back and forth... I admit, I don't get the point, but who am I really to complain? For me, it will even be easier so my hubby and I will have somehow the same schedule since we work for the same company. Just think of that additional pay I am getting for night differential(If you work from10pm-6am as per revised Philippines Labor Code)...

I have heard we are gonna be in the morning shift for good. Well, whatever the schedule is, whether opener or closer, it's fine, but heck, I hope changing our transition schedule wouldn't be as extreme as what happened to us lately. But on the brighter side, at least we still have work. ☺☺☺

simply mhei


Ayen said...

ganyan talaga ang buhay ng isang empleyado ng call center. suck it up! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's outrageous! How crazy is that constant schedule-changing---your body's probably in protest right now. But come to think of it, day shift's really good, right?

mhei said...

@ ayen: well, can't complain, i need my job,hahaha!!

@ kat: Well, right now, after my blog post, I am still in the morning shift and yes, it is better. Although my shift starts really early (4am), at least I can sleep like a NORMAL human being, hahaha!!

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