Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye, 2014. Hello, 2015!

Writer's block. That's precisely what I struggle with now. I have been contemplating since this morning on what to write today. My mind seems to be on holiday mode as I can't come up with any idea for my last post for the year. And I thought ideas would just start to pour in when I start. I guess wrong.

Just when I thought initially that this year is going to be "my year". Everything was going too well accordingly at first: great opportunies, wonderful experiences, and amazing people. But, as they say, we have to expect the unexpected. We can not be ecstatic all the time. We need to experience struggles and get over it. We have to stumble and stand up. Ergo, I faced problems after problems. Tough and rough year, I can say. Challenges seemed to be endless. My self esteem worsen, my emotions were all jumbled up that I almost gave up. I lost people along the way, as well as good opportunities and equally great experiences.

2014 indeed has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride for me. I had a lot of realizations as I go through the bumpy roads of my life. Now, as we all bid farewell to this unpredictable year, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to those people who helped me survive this year. To my dearest and real friends who are and still patiently listen to my constant whines on how life suck big time, thank you!! I know I still have a big lump in my throat now, yet, I am confident that I will surpass all these challenges because God is good and He won't let me suffer for a long time.

I know... It's going to be a great year. I can hear the noises outside signalling that another year is about to unfold. Another page of our lives is about to start. Goodbye 2014 memories!! Welcome 2015!!!

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Goodbye, 2014. Hello, 2015!

Writer's block. That's precisely what I struggle with now. I have been contemplating since this morning on what to write today. My mind seems to be on holiday mode as I can't come up with any idea for my last post for the year. And I thought ideas would just start to pour in when I start. I guess wrong.

Just when I thought initially that this year is going to be "my year". Everything was going too well accordingly at first: great opportunies, wonderful experiences, and amazing people. But, as they say, we have to expect the unexpected. We can not be ecstatic all the time. We need to experience struggles and get over it. We have to stumble and stand up. Ergo, I faced problems after problems. Challenges seemed to be endless. My self esteem worsen, my emotions were all jumbled up that I almost gave up. I lost people along the way, as well as good opportunities and equally great experiences.

2014 indeed has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride for me. I had a lot of realizations as I go through the bumpy roads of my life. Now, as we all bid farewell to this unpredictable year, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to those people who helped me survive this year. To my dearest and real friends who are and still patiently listen to my constant whines on how life suck big time, thank you!! I know I still have a big lump in my throat now, yet, I am confident that I will surpass all these challenges because God is good and He won't let me suffer for a long time.

I know... It's going to be a great year. I can hear the noises outside signalling that another year is about to unfold. Another page of our lives is about to start. Goodbye 2014 memories!! Welcome 2015!!!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Early Morning Thoughts

I woke up really early today for two reasons: I am ultimately bored for I am out of the office for four days (at the same time being under the weather these past few days) and I want to go to work early to prepare for my new Culture and Communications Training class.

What is it with waking up early or staying late at night that leaves me ponder on the "what might have beens" and "what ifs"? I guess that is anything but normal for someone who is continuously trying to find happiness and contentment.

I can proudly say that I have been through a lot of struggles. There may be countless times that I wish to be in deep slumber that all my problems are gone the moment I open my eyes but I know that I don't have any choice but to face the hard reality.

I believe credit goes to my tolerance to pain which I feel is not as low as the others. I am lucky to have a tough exterior, too, despite my weak interior. I think a lot, just like everyone else. I also feel hopeless at times, hence, wishing to just sometimes evaporate or be in comatose until such a time that life becomes how I want it to be.

Love, friends, trust, and money are what I constantly ruminate on. These four (especially the first and the latter) are too obscure and broad for my tiny brain to handle sometimes. Love, for one thing, is very profound. With regard loving someone romantically, I get mix signals and I become attached to people so easily that I fail in the end. As far as friendship is concerned, on the other hand, I get to a point that I don't know anymore who the real ones are. Trust, meanwhile, is what I give without an inch of doubt but more often than not backfires on me. Then, money, is what I always aim to have to enjoy life and henceforth forget about the first three main points of why I think a lot. But then again, who said that life is fair?

I may not have all the pleasures in life... I may be trying to withstand all the obstacles and may even fall most of the time... I may have a not so strong personality and not too much to offer, but I know that there's a reason for everything that I will continue on trying to uncover.

A new morning, a new life, a new beginning. :)

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wake Me Up When September Ends

I know this song was beautifully written by Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong when his dad died of cancer in September 1982. I can feel his pain especially with these lines:

Here comes the rain again
Falling from the stars
Drenched in my pain again
Becoming who we are

As my memory rests
But never forgets what I lost
Wake me up when September ends...

I have never lost anyone tragically in the past. Yet, I can relate partly to this song. Or probably just the title itself. I can't wait for September to end! What is it with September? Is it because of the nonstop rain that makes me emotional? Is it due to the turn of events every September for the past couple of years?

Have you ever come to a point in life wherein you wish that reality can just be a bad dream, or a nightmare, that everything is gone and back to normal or how you want your life to be when you wake up?

Looking back, I had this same weird sentiments last year. I also hoped that "September ends" in no time. And it did! Unexpectedly, the affliction that I once felt turned into bliss. Credit goes to this angel who was sent my way from above to guide me in crossing the wobbly road to the feat of acceptance.

Yet, just like this article I read before about angels, they will leave you once their purpose is served, which is to save you. This is exactly the same reason how wistful I am that September ends soon.

Counting the days off and looking forward to October and better days....

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Celebrating in Solitude

Autophobia, according to Wikipedia, is the specific phobia of isolation. It is the morbid fear of being egotistical, or a dread of being alone or isolated.

Surprisingly, a huge percentage of the people in our soceity fears to be alone. We see this as dreary, depressing and gloomy. We are so scared of being alone that we do things that may backfire on us and will eventually make us feel more alone.

Fear of not having a partner is on top of the list. We feel that it's the end of the world the moment we lose that "someone" for whatever reason. We fear of being "partner-less" that we desperately end up with anyone who we can be dependent on just for the heck of not being alone.

We also fear of being alone in a strange place far away from where we're from. We are scared of getting lost without anyone we can ask help from. We fear of being friendless, thus, we go out with our so-called friends as much as we can. At times, we even excessively use all social networking sites to avoid the feeling of being alone.

Whatever the case is, the fear of being alone is definitely normal. It's fine to be scared of being left alone because as they say, "No man is an island". We certainly need someone one way or the other. Yet, contrary to that statement, we also need to learn how to be self sufficient. We need to learn how to live and enjoy being in solitude.

The joys of being alone are endless. I guess we are just too blinded with the idea of having someone who can meet our emotional needs; Someone whom we can call ours, someone who can give us comfort, and who can care for you.

All we need is to learn how we can cope with being alone. If it's normal to fear aloneness, then, it's also normal to be alone. Being strong-willed, self sufficient, and changing our mindset are the key ingredients if you want to enjoy solitariness.

Learn to find yourself in solitude. Do things you seldom do by yourself: Read books, watch movies, play music travel alone, discover new hobbies. It may take you a long time to get use to it but it's worth the effort. Un-learn the habit of needing someone to be complete. Remember, no one will help you but yourself in the end, ergo, start to enjoy being alone.

Celebrate life in solitude. We all deserve to be happy. :)

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Perks of Being Single

Like what I always tell my friends, my trainees, and even acquaintances, "Happiness is a choice". No matter how messed up your life is, regardless of your current situation, it is still your choice to be or not to be happy.

One brilliant example is singlehood. A lot of you maybe longing to be in the arms of someone right now. Or, you maybe wondering as to how long will you have to wait to find Mr./Ms. Right. Some of you are perhaps mourning for being dumped or left by people you love, people you thought will stay beyond eternity. Others are wistfully hoping that destiny goes their way, wishing that the men/women of their dreams show up on their doorsteps soon. Sometimes, we even become desperate because of the happy-looking couples we see around us, that we start to be too emotional about it.

The thing is, to have someone special is not the only way to happiness and contentment. So instead of being blue, instead of being pessimistic, try to think about it in a different perspective.

If you are the type who often think of the downsides of being single, then, start identifying the pros of it. Being single definitely has a lot of perks. Realization is all you need.

1. YOU ARE READILY AVAILABLE - You can go out anytime you want, with just about everyone. You do not need to change your status on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker, among others, hence, if someone likes you, and you like the person, voila! You can enjoy each other's company without restrictions, and without anyone getting mad. You can post multiple pictures of you with different "friends" of the opposite sex without even the slightest hesitation. Plus, being single means that no one will mind and judge you if you go out with different people.

2. MORE TIME FOR YOURSELF - I am a huge fan of loving one's self before others. Narcissism may it sound, but this indeed helps boost your morale. If you think of your own welfare first, your aura becomes more positive and glowing, ergo, people start to notice and will consequently admire you. You can have fun without a partner. You can make your personal appearance even better when you're single since no one has the right to complain. Best of all, you can save more because you do not need to buy presents for a partner's birthday, your anniversary, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's, or for other occasions you feel must be celebrated. Saves money, saves time, and saves you the effort of thinking hard, right?

3. YOU CAN BE A ROLE MODEL - If you have been in a not so good relationship and it did not work out, thus, making you single, or if you are single for what seems to be an eternity, then you can be an inspiration to the people around you, most especially if you remain to be tough and you are not affected with your single state. Everyone will look up to you if you continue to enjoy life and not be affected with the fact that you're single and you're friends
are not.

Again, it's a matter of choice and thinking positively.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014


Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs known to mankind... From the day one has to care for the little breathing individual inside her womb for nine months, the struggles of labor plus the excitement of carrying your baby for the first time, to the time that you raise your child.

There are so many firsts as a mom. Do you recall your joyfulness when you heard your child utter "mama" or "mommy" for the very first time? Or when your baby first smiled that your world lit up like there's no tomorrow? What about when you first saw your child cry that you felt you have been stabbed deeply by a sharp knife?

It is such an extraordinary and rewarding experience to be a mother. You may not get salaried to be one, but to be able to raise your own kid makes it truly an achievement. No high paying job can ever replaced the feeling of being a mom and being loved and cared for by her children.

Now, the underlying question is this: What makes you a great mother? Do you feel that what you do as a mom is enough? Do you feel that you fall short of your job as a mother? Because of the cultural and social differences of the mother's roles, it is difficult to cite a universal definition of what makes a great mom.

So, what really makes an amazing mother? If you try your best to be be a good mom, then for me, you certainly do your mother's role correctly. We live in a flawed world. Nobody is perfect. No one can be a perfect mom, but someone can be the best mom. So long as we do our roles as mothers to the best of our abilities, I would say that's more than enough.

A great mother tries her best to love her kid/kids unconditionally. Despite the challenges in life, may it be financial, physical or emotional, a good mother does her best to be there for her child/children. To be a wonderful mom, you have to make time for your kid. You try to make fun with your kids. You're not required to be there 24/7 but at least make your child feel that you are always ready to listen and will be there when you're needed. A good mother also tries her best to be a good example to her child/children. A mom should not really tolerate everything her child does, but allows her child to commit mistakes and eventually to learn from them. Best of all, a great mom has to teach her children to live life to the fullest.

To all the moms out there, you are all doing great in raising your kids and for trying to be the best.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Some Weekend Random Thoughts

I just realized, today is one of the rare occasions that I am home. Well, I guess not for too long since the summer heat makes me go ballistic when I am inside my sauna-inspired room.

From the time I started being "available", I am always out on weekends or holidays or when I am not required to go to work. You can say that trying to be occupied and going out keep me happy and sane. I divert my mind to forget my catastrophic past, accept the present, and look forward to a better future.

Yes, I may go out a lot, I have tattoos, I smoke, I drink occasionally, I buy unnecessary stuff for myself, and I enjoy things that normal single and responsible moms don't, but this should not be the basis of being irresponsible, right? I just hate it when people judge you by your appearance and how you mingle with them. I am definitely a responsible individual and I just live life to its fullest while I can. I try my best not to dwell on how messed up my love life is. I definitely have not gone wild, contrary to what others perceive me. Doing crazy stuff is part of enjoying.

Well, I hope people of the opposite sex will start to think of how deep I really am in spite of my personal appearance. I wish I can be someone's inspiration too in the future. Or someone's partner for keeps. And there I go again, being back to my usual hopeless romantic me..

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mind Over Heart

Possibilities are endless... A million or so ideas keep on popping up. Should I entertain these thoughts? Should I shrug these off?

Vulnerability... Being appreciative of about almost everything... You're in ecstasy one minute and become crestfallen after... You get green with envy though you try hard not to... Mixed signals... Misinterpreted perceptions...

If you're in a higgledy-piggledy state as I am, then, welcome to the club!

It's quite a challenge to resist if you are in solitude, and been longing to be with someone. However, if you just jump in the river without testing it as they say, then, you will never really know if it's too hot or too cold for your own liking. We may even drown ourselves too deep that we can no longer get out of it...

We sometimes go for what we want without thinking of its pros and cons first that this may make us knackered and washed-out in the end. We have to learn how to control our emotions in order for us to win the battles we fight. We can't always choose to use our hearts. We have to learn how to control our emotions.. We can always pretend to be strong outside beneath our weak personalities. Pretension serves as your shield from pain, from hurtful feeling... Do not let your emotions take over. No matter how mixed up your emotions are, learn how to use your brain over your heart.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Art of Letting Go

I know I'm definitely not an expert in letting go and moving on. It is precisely a difficult knot a person can go through. This is exactly the same phase I successfully surpassed and might encounter once again should I opt to be in the same state. It's indeed a long process. The road to moving on may seem endless for most.. A long winding road... You have to pass road blocks, traffic zone, and even earth-shaking landslides to reach your destination. But, as they say, you'll see light at the end of every tunnel. There might be real life problems along the way, however, it will be worth it. Attitude in life is all you need.

Love plays a major role in our lives. Love may be just a four-letter word but it has the power to hurt us. Just like me, I love unconditionally. I do not set boundaries when I love someone... I fall apart if I get hurt by someone I love dearly... I break into pieces if my relationship with someone doesn't work. I feel as if it's the end of the world and no one would ever love me the way I was loved before..

Why do we keep on holding on? Why do we stay in a relationship when we know ourselves that it is no longer getting anywhere? Why do we play the martyr's role and be stomped and looked down at? Why do we continually hope that it is still going to work when we can already visualize a gloomy and chaotic future in it? A future with a heavy heart plus ceaseless crying? A melancholic future with high chances of being blue for a long time?

How do you let go of this pain? How do you heal your heart if it has been deeply scarred?

It's hard. It's scary. Being in this kind of situation is formidable that we try or even force not to be in this ball game. So what do we do? Nothing... We do not do anything about it... We do not let go. We hold on in spite of the hurt. We hang on, wistfully hoping of making it work the second time around.. And if by any chance it doesn't work again, we try for the nth time and won't still let go...

Why? Is it because we want to go back to how it "was"?

We're too stucked to how things were... How we felt secured and belonged to... It is more of the so-called familiarity of being with someone and the wanting to save the disastrous relationship because of it's length, and because of not wanting to waste our overbearing effort for surpassing all the challenges we have gone through together. We do not try different paths all because of our comfort zones. We are such scaredy-cats from going out of our usual routes, fearing that other ways are unpaved. We want smooth and seamless roads...

The big question is, how will we know if it's worthwhile or not by not even trying? We are always given opportunities... whether to correct our mistakes or try to change the direction of our lives. Yet, how come do we refuse to let go?

What exactly do we need to do to let go?

Acceptance. This is the start. This is where everything will fall into place. You have to accept that things change. You simply need to accept the truth... that it is over.. and nothing can be done. You can't live in the past. The reality is what you are in now and what you have become in the present. And this is in preparation for a better future. Embrace the pain but do not nurture it. It is definitely fine to be hurt because that clearly indicates that you're a breathing human being.
Be thankful of the memories - whether good or bad. I bet not all were arguments that might have led to heartache . There were happy times, too. Do not dwell too much on the downside of the relationship. Be thankful of the laughter, experiences that you had together, as well as the not-so-great ones. After all, learning and growing were achieved from these experiences.

Make yourself busy. Try to be busy as you can that you will not have time to think of how you were left alone. You can engage yourself into any of your favorite sports. If you are as an athletic as a post like myself, then try something else: baking, write a book or two, put up a blog site, go to different places, or hang out with your buddies, those who are specially good spirited friends, those who are optimistic so they can spread the positive outlook on you.

Mind over heart. This is now when you need to have the power to control your life. No matter how you think of it, you are the own author of your life. No one is left responsible for your life but yourself. If you make a mess out of your life because of being heartbroken, your friends will guide you, but then again, it is still you who has the final say on how you want your life to become. Never blame anyone or anything for what happened in your life because you have full control on how you want your story to end. If you really want to get rid of the pain, if you want to let go, then it's only a matter of mindset.

Help yourself. Love yourself more. Focus on changing your future by not dwelling in the past.

Let go, without turning your back, and move forward. :)

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

In Solitude

Sometimes I can't help but wonder why there are people meant to be together when they don't appear as if they are. I see couples holding hands like nothing can make them fall apart, and looking seemingly through each other's eyes, not caring about everything and everyone around them. The question is, until when will this euphoric feeling last? Are they really destined to be together ever after? Sounds bitter? Yes, I am.

I have friends, people look up to me for having such a strong personality. However, most of the time, it's just a pretense. I am a con-artist. I have already mastered the art of pretending to be happy that I can get a diploma should there be any finishing school that specializes in this category. I may be the happy-go-lucky type for those who know me, but beneath that ecstatic me lies a weak and hopeless romantic being. I feel alone. I feel like nobody can ever reciprocate the love and care I give to anyone. I feel that I'm in a battle alone, without any shield to keep me going. I feel as if no one can ever fathom being in solitary state that I'm in now. And despite the attention I've been getting from the opposite sex, I can sense that it's only going to be just a temporary bliss, an ad interim feeling that will end before I know it. And when it ends, without any doubt, I would go back to being empty-handed.

I feel most alone when I don't have anyone I can turn to when I'm down, when I'm excited to share with someone how my day is. I feel most alone when I come up with realization that what I thought would be mine can never really be mine. I feel most alone when I get envious of someone's unspoken love for someone else, wishing that love is thrown at me instead. I feel most alone when I expect that something good and romantic will blossom out of a beautiful camaraderie, yet remains to be just friends...

Sucks to be me, right?

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to Enjoy Your Summer

34°C as today's temperature is just way too hot! Talk about heat stroke! I am just inside my room, yet I can feel the heat go through my veins. It seems that my room, which is normally cool, now has turned into a sauna room, or even worse, a huge oven! The air coming from my fan is like fire coming out from a dragon's mouth. If only I can put ice cubes, ice cubes that will stay ice cubes forever if possible, on my bed or inside my shirt to keep me cool and last this afternoon feeling fresh.

I wish summer is over. I can't help but complain. That's how we are. If it's freezing cold, we'd wish that climate is a bit warmer. If it's raining, we'd wish it's still summer. Blame it to our lack of contentment.

To make the best out of this uber hot time of the year, here's a list of what you can do.

1. Go to the beach - This is the best time of the year that you can get a good tan and wear your skimpiest swimsuits. There are so many beaches in the Philippines that you can go to, without having to stretch your budget. If you can splurge, book a flight going to Boracay, Bohol, Palawan, Cebu, Davao, Siargao, or Batanes. Those are only few of the most sought after places with great beaches in the country. If beaches are way out of your league, then try to go to swimming pools nearby. Every village now has clubhouse pool. Swimming helps boost immune system. Lounge by the pool with friends. Take pictures and have fun!

2. Hit the Mall - Most of the shopping malls in the Philippines are airconditioned. So, instead of turning your AC on 24/7 at home and pay a huge electricity bill, why not take advantage of the mall's airconditioning system and hang out until dinner time? You don't necessarily need to binge on expensive food and drinks, nor go shopping 'til you drop. You can buy a regular sized frap or cold drink (to make you feel kinda colder) and stay in a coffee shop, bring your mobile phone, tablet, or lap top, and take advantage of free wireless connection. You can also stay on one of the benches inside the malls, bring your favorite book, read until you feel you can head back home, ideally after sunset.

3. Plan a trip to famous summer places - There are places you can go to which are not as hot as it gets in the urban areas. Plan a trip with your love ones, or friends to Baguio, Sagada, or Tagaytay. These places are known to have cold temperature all-year long. You don't need to spend much. There are do-it-yourself cheaper ways that you can do in planning trips to these famous places.

4. Make Halo Halo/Iced beverages or desserts - If you're a certified homebuddy, or you're not in the mood to go out, then this is perfect for you! You can make any iced beverages or desserts in the comforts of your home. There are tons of recipes you can find on the net. You can make iced coffee, bake ice cream cakes, or just make a typical Filipino Halohalo.

Just a tip to avoid dehydration and heat stroke: Please drink more than 10 glasses of water everyday. :)

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Be Better and Not Bitter

I've been hearing a lot of sad stories about being left alone and being taken advantage of. I know a lot of depressed individuals who long to have someone in their lives for keeps, or the so-called living happily ever after. The truth is, we can't have fairytale-like endings all the time. Something is always bound to happen. Story needs to come to its end. Someone has to eventually leave because of indifferences, the famous "third party", or even death. It's a matter of how you deal with the situation. It is how you turn the table around.

I am also a product of a cataclysmic relationship. Just like in the movies, I played the martyr's role for God knows how long. I have tried to save the matrimony countless times for my own liking and for the sake of my son. I forgave innumerably hoping that it's going to be better. But I guessed wrong. I was treated like shit. I was left for someone else after being in that shoddy relationship for quite a long time. I knew all along that it's inevitably going to happen but I still gambled anyway.

And just like any typical human being who was left alone, I also cried to death. I stooped and begged. I did everything to get the person back, ofcourse, to no avail. Depression stage was the worse I've been to. After a month of two of being too emotional about it, I started to get back on track. As they say, if you can't help yourself, then who will?

With the help of my supportive parents, my son, my real friends who are always there, and new found friends I met along the way, who are also part of my journey, I began to think of life differently. I constantly reminded myself that nothing good will happen if I continue to go on with life feeling inferior and wishing that it can go back the way it was.

I started going out, I worked out, I busied myself at work and I did things that I never dare do before. I closed a chapter of my life and began working on a new one. Now, as I look back, I realized how pathetic I was, how funny my reactions were. I do not regret what has been done and said. My past molded me to who I am now.

I believe that happiness is a choice. If you continue to pursue happiness in the arms of someone who doesn't want you to be in theirs anymore, then you will end up being hurt more. You can find happiness everywhere, whether career-wise, in friendship, and even in being given a chance to rediscover what life has to offer. Try to think of your life in a different perspective. If you fail at one point, it is not the end of the world. Be optimistic. Be free. Live life one step at a time. Let go of your emotional baggage. There is not one person on earth who is problem-free. It is how you deal with it that makes you who you are.

If you keep dwelling on what-must-have-beens, then you will not get over that phase at all. You will be stuck in that situation forever. If you continue to hope that your partner will change for the better, then you are only waiting for nothing. It's about time you think of yourself. Shape up, be better, and not bitter. :)

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Love Thyself :)

Like what the tattoo on my arm says: Do not forget to love yourself. This serves as my mantra, my constant reminder because I love too much that I have the tendency to care more for the people around me, most especially the ones who are very dear to me before myself. I display such overflowing affection that in the end I get hurt for doing so. I love unconditionally. I love without any "buts". I can easily learn to accept someone's flaws. Cheating is not in my dictionary if I have grown to love a person deeply. For others, I can be the best partner. But why is it that I am always left miserable? I can't help but think how life is unfair sometimes.
Do you love as much as I do? If so, better start thinking of yourself now before it's too late. Do not EVER be somebody's rebound, past time, nor friend with benefits. Do not chase the person you love for that will just make things worse. Pretend to look strong beneath your weak persona. Do not ever make people feel that you are inferior. You have to always be on top of yourself. I know it's easy for me to say but it's a long process, but I can guarantee you, loving yourself first is what made me survive and what made me who I am now.

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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Do-It-Later Attitude

I consider myself as the epitome of the Filipino's "Mañana Habit". Yes, I make sure that I do my task to the best of my abilities by hook or by crook, but then again, I wouldn't do it right away if I can get away by doing it a later time.

So what is the so-called Mañana Habit about? The term "Mañana was coined from our Spaniard ancestors which means "in the future" (with specified time frame) or "tomorrow". This is also known as the "Mamaya Na" habit in Filipino. This is the kind of attitude that we Filipinos are famous for that we are very complacent even if we can finish tasks assigned to us way before the deadline. This is because of the mentality that we still have ample time anyway to do what is expected of us. End result? We rush on the last minute just to make it done, or worse, we won't be able to complete or do our tasks at all.

A good example of this habit is one of my deliverables as a trainer for one of the top contact centers in the Philippines. To ensure that what we are teaching are still aligned with the processes, we, trainers are required to take calls just like the rest of the agents, or what most of us know as Customer Service Representative. The trainers are being asked to take calls for just for four (4) hours per month to be updated with client policies and to help with the queue as well. Since I am a legit Filipina, I normally complete my "phonetime requirement" as we call it, on the last day of the month when I can do it at the start of the month or when I have the opportunity to do it beforehand.

Pretty much you have already guessed that I get all so tensed more often than not because of this behavior that I can no longer remove from my system. We call such a "habit" because it's something we do as routinary. Something that we are accustomed to doing for we feel that it works without any critical impact since we do it anyway. On a positive note, despite the complacency, we still meet our deadline on the last minute. The reason? Filipinos have this winning attitude. No matter what the effects are, no matter how we finish our tasks, we still make sure that we exceed expectations of us.

The big question though is: "Why do it later when you can do it today?" :)

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rant of a Person With a Terrible Toothache

Toothache is believed to be the most challenging feeling specially for a trainer like me. It affects the entire body system to the extent that you can acquire fever and migraine from it. Just when I have a Culture and Communications class. How in the world can I spot correct my trainees with enunciation if I can't even properly produce the sounds? S, F, and TH sounds are quite hard to produce if you have toothache. How can I make my trainees believe me that mispronunciation affects comprehensibility when I am not comprehensible myself? Talk about credibility, right? Hahaha! Life is really ironic.

What's worse? I have the best pain killer known to mankind and even bought one of the most expensive branded antibiotics, but both seem not too effective! Can I blame Winston Lights (My cigar brand) or my occasional drinking habits why medicines aren't working as they are supposed to?

Should I be happy for this will lessen my food intake and therefore help me with my endless dieting? Or do I need to just sleep and stop from ranting about something I know I don't have any control of right now? I just wish that my impacted molar is no longer swollen by the time I wake up tomorrow. :)

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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Singing, as they say, is a way of expressing your thoughts. It can either clear your mind or break your heart. You enjoy the rhythm of the music as well as the context of the songs. As I listen to the lyrics of the songs here being sang by my colleagues, and as I try to understand the meaning of the countless songs I tried to sing earlier, it makes me realize how I miss having someone special in my life. I can't help but start to long for someone who will make my life complete again.. Someone who will pick up the pieces of the puzzle together. Do not get me wrong. I love my son to the moon and back. I guess you will agree with me that it's different to have someone special whom you can talk to about anything and everything under the sun. Someone you can be with everyday, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the time you close your eyes at night. Someone who will always be there for you no matter what and someone whom you call yours. Sure, dating a lot of guys somehow fulfill those empty spaces. It can definite boost your confidence if male species are interested with you. However, being interested and being loved are two different things. The former can be temporary, while the latter can last for a long time.

As I belt the high notes of one of my favorite songs, I came to conclusion that this feeling of emptiness will be gone and will be replaced with contentment in time, when I least expect it...

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Perks at Seattles Best

All the established coffee shops now have different perks to attract more customers. Just like here at Seattles Best Coffee, if you have their "Christmas" planner, then you have coupons every month. For the month of March alone, one can take advantage of any of the free medium sized feature drinks (choice of Pretzel Macademia or Caramel Toffee). What's good about this is that you can have it cold or hot. There's no catch. You don't need to buy anything to claim your free drink but since I am hungry, I bought Mushroom and Sausage Omelet for my breakfast and to start my day right.

I chose their Caramel and Toffee Frappuccino. The Barista really did an excellent job in making my drink. This is the first time I have tried this Frappuccino. I normally order SBC's Strawberry or Avocado Milkshake or Chocomint Javakula. Meanwhile, my omelet was made well too. It was served with toasted bread and pineapple marmalade.

Seattles Best Coffee has a wide array of food and drinks you can choose from, there are different kinds pastries and pastas, a large collection of coffee and non caffeinated drinks. Prices are within a typical employee's budget. I just simply love it here!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Random Questions Left Unanswered

Have you ever felt too close to someone you just met, to a point that you share everything under the sun with this person as if you have been best of friends for decades?

Why is it that there are people who have huge impact in our lives when they shouldn't have any at all?

Why do we easily fall for someone we know we are not supposed to be falling for in the first place?

How can we stop ourselves from getting emotionally attached to someone when we know from the start that it's only going to be a one-way relationship?

These are some of the questions most of us have, if not at the moment, perhaps in the past or can be your future queries. These are applicable particularly to women (like me) who more often than not think too much and are such hopeless romantics.

Is this how perplexed life is in reality? Can we just have fairytale-like love stories with happy endings all the time wherein you marry Prince Charming and you live happily ever after?

Despite these questions, inspite of all the drama, it will still be up to you how you want to live your life. We can never have all the best apples. You will come across rotten apples too. Hence, it's still a matter of choice on how you want to write the saga of your life. You are the sole author of your book. You can edit the story if you feel that it's not going to have a dreamlike finale. Questions will always be questions. You will eventually find the answers, and that is through experience. How you want those questions be answered will be dependent on your choices in life.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Day in the life of a Trainer

I woke up a bit earlier today to prepare for my new class which will start this afternoon. I will get to see new faces once again, and will handle these people for a month or so in training. For our first day, I will conduct New Hire Orientation. That means more of policies and a bit of getting-to-know-one-another stage.
This is my nth class for I have been part of the Training Department for four years now, and counting. Yet, I still get excited whenever I have a new class or "wave" as we fondly call our classes. Aside from excitement, I also feel somewhat scared for performance of these agents depend on what they will learn from training, from me. That is why as a trainer, I conduct root cause analysis on every wave I handle. This is to identify what are the areas I need to focus on and ensure that I produce caliber agents.. Agents that I can be proud of for hitting or exceeding the goals.

So let me start my day. Bring it on!

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monday Again!!!

Rest days are over in a few hours.  As the next day unfolds, I’ll be busy again preparing for my new class.  It means that my body clock will be messed up again.  I will be in the afternoon shift for the next two weeks, then, will be on the AM shift for a month, and will be back on the graveyard shift after.  Sounds fun?  Don’t get me wrong. I love what I am doing.  I love my job.  Being a universal trainer for one of the most stable companies in the Philippines is such a rewarding experience.  

I know you are wondering what a Universal Trainer does.  In the “Call Center” world, the trainer teaches different culture (American, British, Australian, et. al), discusses communications refresher courses, and introduces product specifics, processes, and soft skills that CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) need to acquire.   Despite the so-called pressure of producing top-caliber CSRs from a bunch of timid individuals and mostly neophytes in this industry, it feels fulfilling to witness how these people struggle at first and improve after weeks of rigorous training.  As a trainer, I make sure that training is fun and educational. 

Training people has become m passion.  Who knows, I might be successful ten years from now and even have my own training school by then. J
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Back to square one

For some reasons, I decided on reviving this blog after YEARS of neglecting it.  My life has been a mixture of turmoil and happiness. People come and go, ended different chapters of life, been to different places, experienced heartaches, jadedness, pleasure, and triumph.   My journey primarily is the reason that made me try my hands on writing again.  

I hope his time I can really find time to write regularly even on top of my hectic schedule at work. I also wish I can regain my creative juices in writing because I have almost forgotten how to compose a coherent statement. Hahaha! 

Writing is healthy.  It releases your stress, it soothes emotions, and even boosts your confidence.  I am now working on different articles for all my blog sites.  I will try to change the theme of my sites, too.  This is just the start of a wonderful chapter of my life..
simply mhei 

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