Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Love Thyself :)

Like what the tattoo on my arm says: Do not forget to love yourself. This serves as my mantra, my constant reminder because I love too much that I have the tendency to care more for the people around me, most especially the ones who are very dear to me before myself. I display such overflowing affection that in the end I get hurt for doing so. I love unconditionally. I love without any "buts". I can easily learn to accept someone's flaws. Cheating is not in my dictionary if I have grown to love a person deeply. For others, I can be the best partner. But why is it that I am always left miserable? I can't help but think how life is unfair sometimes.
Do you love as much as I do? If so, better start thinking of yourself now before it's too late. Do not EVER be somebody's rebound, past time, nor friend with benefits. Do not chase the person you love for that will just make things worse. Pretend to look strong beneath your weak persona. Do not ever make people feel that you are inferior. You have to always be on top of yourself. I know it's easy for me to say but it's a long process, but I can guarantee you, loving yourself first is what made me survive and what made me who I am now.

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