Monday, March 31, 2014

The Do-It-Later Attitude

I consider myself as the epitome of the Filipino's "Mañana Habit". Yes, I make sure that I do my task to the best of my abilities by hook or by crook, but then again, I wouldn't do it right away if I can get away by doing it a later time.

So what is the so-called Mañana Habit about? The term "Mañana was coined from our Spaniard ancestors which means "in the future" (with specified time frame) or "tomorrow". This is also known as the "Mamaya Na" habit in Filipino. This is the kind of attitude that we Filipinos are famous for that we are very complacent even if we can finish tasks assigned to us way before the deadline. This is because of the mentality that we still have ample time anyway to do what is expected of us. End result? We rush on the last minute just to make it done, or worse, we won't be able to complete or do our tasks at all.

A good example of this habit is one of my deliverables as a trainer for one of the top contact centers in the Philippines. To ensure that what we are teaching are still aligned with the processes, we, trainers are required to take calls just like the rest of the agents, or what most of us know as Customer Service Representative. The trainers are being asked to take calls for just for four (4) hours per month to be updated with client policies and to help with the queue as well. Since I am a legit Filipina, I normally complete my "phonetime requirement" as we call it, on the last day of the month when I can do it at the start of the month or when I have the opportunity to do it beforehand.

Pretty much you have already guessed that I get all so tensed more often than not because of this behavior that I can no longer remove from my system. We call such a "habit" because it's something we do as routinary. Something that we are accustomed to doing for we feel that it works without any critical impact since we do it anyway. On a positive note, despite the complacency, we still meet our deadline on the last minute. The reason? Filipinos have this winning attitude. No matter what the effects are, no matter how we finish our tasks, we still make sure that we exceed expectations of us.

The big question though is: "Why do it later when you can do it today?" :)

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