Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rant of a Person With a Terrible Toothache

Toothache is believed to be the most challenging feeling specially for a trainer like me. It affects the entire body system to the extent that you can acquire fever and migraine from it. Just when I have a Culture and Communications class. How in the world can I spot correct my trainees with enunciation if I can't even properly produce the sounds? S, F, and TH sounds are quite hard to produce if you have toothache. How can I make my trainees believe me that mispronunciation affects comprehensibility when I am not comprehensible myself? Talk about credibility, right? Hahaha! Life is really ironic.

What's worse? I have the best pain killer known to mankind and even bought one of the most expensive branded antibiotics, but both seem not too effective! Can I blame Winston Lights (My cigar brand) or my occasional drinking habits why medicines aren't working as they are supposed to?

Should I be happy for this will lessen my food intake and therefore help me with my endless dieting? Or do I need to just sleep and stop from ranting about something I know I don't have any control of right now? I just wish that my impacted molar is no longer swollen by the time I wake up tomorrow. :)

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