Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Random Questions Left Unanswered

Have you ever felt too close to someone you just met, to a point that you share everything under the sun with this person as if you have been best of friends for decades?

Why is it that there are people who have huge impact in our lives when they shouldn't have any at all?

Why do we easily fall for someone we know we are not supposed to be falling for in the first place?

How can we stop ourselves from getting emotionally attached to someone when we know from the start that it's only going to be a one-way relationship?

These are some of the questions most of us have, if not at the moment, perhaps in the past or can be your future queries. These are applicable particularly to women (like me) who more often than not think too much and are such hopeless romantics.

Is this how perplexed life is in reality? Can we just have fairytale-like love stories with happy endings all the time wherein you marry Prince Charming and you live happily ever after?

Despite these questions, inspite of all the drama, it will still be up to you how you want to live your life. We can never have all the best apples. You will come across rotten apples too. Hence, it's still a matter of choice on how you want to write the saga of your life. You are the sole author of your book. You can edit the story if you feel that it's not going to have a dreamlike finale. Questions will always be questions. You will eventually find the answers, and that is through experience. How you want those questions be answered will be dependent on your choices in life.

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