Monday, January 26, 2009

I hate Mondays!

I hate mondays! I dunno why but i feel like it's the slackest day... The day before going back to work, the day after our habitual family day...

Don't get me wrong, I just don't like the idea of being idle on the first day of the week. On the other hand, I did something out of the ordinary! Well, I did the laundry, cooked pasta and washed the dishes, took care of my baby josh--that's something else, right?? You might think I'm lazy. Well, you can say that again. Honestly, I just don't have time to do things a normal housewife should be doing for I am so busy at work, and I feel like the only consolation I have after work is to have my well-deserved rest.

So going back to my least favorite part of the week, do you also happen to hate mondays??? I would have loved Mondays since I'm off work and I can do some surfing and what not, but having a son who wants to be in front of the computer 24/7, not even giving me time to play my aps on Facebook..who would love to be on rest days??hahaha. Good thing he's eating right now or I would have not been able to write a post.

simply mhei

Sunday, January 18, 2009

pc and my family

It has been a while since I last visited my blog sites. Aside from the fact that my internet was disconnected due to non payment (oh well, that sucks big time), I have been so busy with work, my family and my friends that I don't have time to make a blog or two. Plus the fact that my 3 and a half son started to love playing computer games and surfing the net! If only I am rich, I swear Ill buy another pc or a lap top perhaps so I wouln't have to share it with my hubby, and now, my kiddo. Whenever we're all home, we would spend our quality time strangling each other to death just to be able to use the computer. Say, I started checking my mails or playing my aps in Facebook, Josh, my son, would start to whine and would literally push me out of the pc so he could play. Ofcourse, being a mom, and not wanting my son to start being disrespectful to me, I'll give way and have him use the computer. Then just an hour after, my ever bully husband would shoo my son away so he can have his turn use the computer too. Since he knows that Josh is so afraid of him, he'd use the pc when it's Joshua's turn since he can't ask me to leave the computer. (I'm the boss!! Hahahaha) So Migs my hubby would finally have his turn and since my son just asked me to stay out the computer, I would shoo my hubby away so I can use the pc again. Then my son would push me away, Migs would bully Josh and I would bully Migs. Then I'd get tired either because I would already be late for work or I got so bummed with taking turns with 'em and would just go to sleep. So if you ever wonder why I haven't been updating my blogs, now you know damn well what has been happening to me lately.

simply mhei

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Goodbye 2008 and hello 2009!!!

The previous year has been really great. There has been a lot of good and not-so-good memories that I want to thanks everyone who has been part of it. Whoah!! Enough with the drama.

Well, this New year's eve celebration has been very remarkable! Even I am somewhat in recession lately, with huge credit card bills and all that, we were able to celebrate it with superb dishes, splendid fireworks and with my loved ones.

I was so fortunate to have been given December 31st and January 1st as rest days for this week though I had to be on split rest days per week for the past two weeks. Still all worth it!

Migs and I bought some colorful fireworks. It has been a while since I last bought fireworks and I was surprised how expensive they are now. Well, can't complain though. We just bought a handful-2 fountains, 2 small boxes of pink firework displays and 1 medium sized colorful fireworks. That already cost a thousand bucks, can you believe that?

We had grilled liempo, lechong kawali, beef caldereta, holiday ham, and fruit salad for our Media Noche. We didn't have that much time to cook and anyway it was just my mom and dad, then migs my hubby and josh my son. I bought ingredients for an italian-style spaghetti, but since I practically slept the entire day, I wasn't able to cook it. Can you blame me if I'm so tired? Hahaha.

The best part of 'em all was our ROAD TRIP with my close friends jaypee and jason. Jaypee used to be my editor in chief in college and the person who referred me to CVG and jason is our papa bear in the office. Well, originally, we planned to go to The Fort to party after the putukan blues is over. The place was so jampacked with youngsters that we decided to head to Antipolo at 4am in the morning.

The trip to Antipolo was like the movie/ps game The Silent Hill wherein the place was so foggy(was it really fog or the aftermath of the new year's fireworks?) and the road looked so silent and a little scary. Unlike The fort, Antipolo was a ghost town that early New year's day. Bars were closed and I could barely see any vehicle or people out in the streets. We then saw Cloud 9 with a signage that says they're open 24 hours. So we drove our way up to steepy Cloud 9. Guess what? We found no one, not even a guard or receptionist. We just took pictures and scared each other and drove off.

It's 5 in the morning on new year's day and we're still in the middle of nowhere with no idea where to go to after Antipolo. Well, though we have not stayed for more than 30 minutes at The Fort and antipolo, we were still enjoying our escapade. So, we hit Eastwood next. And ofcourse, since it's already breakfast time for everyone after a major party, we didn't find any open bar and party people, just a bunch of lunatics taking their pictures with Ronald Mcdonald. After Esatwood, we passed by Metrowalk, then, we went to Rockwell, no luck either. Well, what do you expect? Everyone was so damn tired by then.

Since we literally went to all the hang outs in Manila, we headed to Makati to check if there's still life at 5:30 am, and guess what, we found one in Makati Ave.!! We didn't like the genre of music so we tried to scout for other places. And since we became so hungry with this thrilling road trip, all we wanted was to have breakfast and go home. We decided to have Northpak for breakfast. And you guessed right...Northpark is already closed. We went to check Tiananmen(me and migs' favorite), they were about to close also, the we tried to check Nextdoor, which is below Tiananmen, they were still open but everyone was there I didn't think we have a fat chance to squeeze our bodies in. So we finally decided to just have our old time favorite tapa and proceeded to Ruffos' which is just a walking distance from Makati Ave.

At last, we finally found ourselves a table. Place was also jampacked with people who were so tried after partying hard. You might think that we didn't enjoy the trip, but we difinitely enjoyed every minute of it, all thanks to Jaypee and Jason who made the day really fun, specially having those snide remarks on people we saw along the way.

Yeah, it was like a long journey with no fair result, spending a lot on gas for going practically from south to north and vice versa, but it was really fun and definitely something I'll look forward to sometime soon.

Thanks our driver with no less than my husband Migs, my fashionista friend Jaypee and my ever reliable frined Jason. Happy new year and I hope we don't go around road-tripping all througout the year. Hahahaha!!
♥♥♥ simply mhei ♥♥♥

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