Monday, January 26, 2009

I hate Mondays!

I hate mondays! I dunno why but i feel like it's the slackest day... The day before going back to work, the day after our habitual family day...

Don't get me wrong, I just don't like the idea of being idle on the first day of the week. On the other hand, I did something out of the ordinary! Well, I did the laundry, cooked pasta and washed the dishes, took care of my baby josh--that's something else, right?? You might think I'm lazy. Well, you can say that again. Honestly, I just don't have time to do things a normal housewife should be doing for I am so busy at work, and I feel like the only consolation I have after work is to have my well-deserved rest.

So going back to my least favorite part of the week, do you also happen to hate mondays??? I would have loved Mondays since I'm off work and I can do some surfing and what not, but having a son who wants to be in front of the computer 24/7, not even giving me time to play my aps on Facebook..who would love to be on rest days??hahaha. Good thing he's eating right now or I would have not been able to write a post.

simply mhei

1 comment:

Ayen said...

i've always hated mondays too. i have this feeling that something bad will always happen on a monday...

pansin mo ba tayo tayo lang din nagcocomment sa mga blog natin? =)

I know where u are and what connection you're using!

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