Sunday, January 18, 2009

pc and my family

It has been a while since I last visited my blog sites. Aside from the fact that my internet was disconnected due to non payment (oh well, that sucks big time), I have been so busy with work, my family and my friends that I don't have time to make a blog or two. Plus the fact that my 3 and a half son started to love playing computer games and surfing the net! If only I am rich, I swear Ill buy another pc or a lap top perhaps so I wouln't have to share it with my hubby, and now, my kiddo. Whenever we're all home, we would spend our quality time strangling each other to death just to be able to use the computer. Say, I started checking my mails or playing my aps in Facebook, Josh, my son, would start to whine and would literally push me out of the pc so he could play. Ofcourse, being a mom, and not wanting my son to start being disrespectful to me, I'll give way and have him use the computer. Then just an hour after, my ever bully husband would shoo my son away so he can have his turn use the computer too. Since he knows that Josh is so afraid of him, he'd use the pc when it's Joshua's turn since he can't ask me to leave the computer. (I'm the boss!! Hahahaha) So Migs my hubby would finally have his turn and since my son just asked me to stay out the computer, I would shoo my hubby away so I can use the pc again. Then my son would push me away, Migs would bully Josh and I would bully Migs. Then I'd get tired either because I would already be late for work or I got so bummed with taking turns with 'em and would just go to sleep. So if you ever wonder why I haven't been updating my blogs, now you know damn well what has been happening to me lately.

simply mhei


Ayen said...

i know, you do have a wacky family. hingin mo nalang yung laptop ng papa mo!

mhei said...

hay.. we sold that laptop ages ago..waaaahhhh...goodluck social life. hahahaha

I know where u are and what connection you're using!

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