Monday, March 31, 2014

The Do-It-Later Attitude

I consider myself as the epitome of the Filipino's "Mañana Habit". Yes, I make sure that I do my task to the best of my abilities by hook or by crook, but then again, I wouldn't do it right away if I can get away by doing it a later time.

So what is the so-called Mañana Habit about? The term "Mañana was coined from our Spaniard ancestors which means "in the future" (with specified time frame) or "tomorrow". This is also known as the "Mamaya Na" habit in Filipino. This is the kind of attitude that we Filipinos are famous for that we are very complacent even if we can finish tasks assigned to us way before the deadline. This is because of the mentality that we still have ample time anyway to do what is expected of us. End result? We rush on the last minute just to make it done, or worse, we won't be able to complete or do our tasks at all.

A good example of this habit is one of my deliverables as a trainer for one of the top contact centers in the Philippines. To ensure that what we are teaching are still aligned with the processes, we, trainers are required to take calls just like the rest of the agents, or what most of us know as Customer Service Representative. The trainers are being asked to take calls for just for four (4) hours per month to be updated with client policies and to help with the queue as well. Since I am a legit Filipina, I normally complete my "phonetime requirement" as we call it, on the last day of the month when I can do it at the start of the month or when I have the opportunity to do it beforehand.

Pretty much you have already guessed that I get all so tensed more often than not because of this behavior that I can no longer remove from my system. We call such a "habit" because it's something we do as routinary. Something that we are accustomed to doing for we feel that it works without any critical impact since we do it anyway. On a positive note, despite the complacency, we still meet our deadline on the last minute. The reason? Filipinos have this winning attitude. No matter what the effects are, no matter how we finish our tasks, we still make sure that we exceed expectations of us.

The big question though is: "Why do it later when you can do it today?" :)

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rant of a Person With a Terrible Toothache

Toothache is believed to be the most challenging feeling specially for a trainer like me. It affects the entire body system to the extent that you can acquire fever and migraine from it. Just when I have a Culture and Communications class. How in the world can I spot correct my trainees with enunciation if I can't even properly produce the sounds? S, F, and TH sounds are quite hard to produce if you have toothache. How can I make my trainees believe me that mispronunciation affects comprehensibility when I am not comprehensible myself? Talk about credibility, right? Hahaha! Life is really ironic.

What's worse? I have the best pain killer known to mankind and even bought one of the most expensive branded antibiotics, but both seem not too effective! Can I blame Winston Lights (My cigar brand) or my occasional drinking habits why medicines aren't working as they are supposed to?

Should I be happy for this will lessen my food intake and therefore help me with my endless dieting? Or do I need to just sleep and stop from ranting about something I know I don't have any control of right now? I just wish that my impacted molar is no longer swollen by the time I wake up tomorrow. :)

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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Singing, as they say, is a way of expressing your thoughts. It can either clear your mind or break your heart. You enjoy the rhythm of the music as well as the context of the songs. As I listen to the lyrics of the songs here being sang by my colleagues, and as I try to understand the meaning of the countless songs I tried to sing earlier, it makes me realize how I miss having someone special in my life. I can't help but start to long for someone who will make my life complete again.. Someone who will pick up the pieces of the puzzle together. Do not get me wrong. I love my son to the moon and back. I guess you will agree with me that it's different to have someone special whom you can talk to about anything and everything under the sun. Someone you can be with everyday, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the time you close your eyes at night. Someone who will always be there for you no matter what and someone whom you call yours. Sure, dating a lot of guys somehow fulfill those empty spaces. It can definite boost your confidence if male species are interested with you. However, being interested and being loved are two different things. The former can be temporary, while the latter can last for a long time.

As I belt the high notes of one of my favorite songs, I came to conclusion that this feeling of emptiness will be gone and will be replaced with contentment in time, when I least expect it...

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Perks at Seattles Best

All the established coffee shops now have different perks to attract more customers. Just like here at Seattles Best Coffee, if you have their "Christmas" planner, then you have coupons every month. For the month of March alone, one can take advantage of any of the free medium sized feature drinks (choice of Pretzel Macademia or Caramel Toffee). What's good about this is that you can have it cold or hot. There's no catch. You don't need to buy anything to claim your free drink but since I am hungry, I bought Mushroom and Sausage Omelet for my breakfast and to start my day right.

I chose their Caramel and Toffee Frappuccino. The Barista really did an excellent job in making my drink. This is the first time I have tried this Frappuccino. I normally order SBC's Strawberry or Avocado Milkshake or Chocomint Javakula. Meanwhile, my omelet was made well too. It was served with toasted bread and pineapple marmalade.

Seattles Best Coffee has a wide array of food and drinks you can choose from, there are different kinds pastries and pastas, a large collection of coffee and non caffeinated drinks. Prices are within a typical employee's budget. I just simply love it here!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Random Questions Left Unanswered

Have you ever felt too close to someone you just met, to a point that you share everything under the sun with this person as if you have been best of friends for decades?

Why is it that there are people who have huge impact in our lives when they shouldn't have any at all?

Why do we easily fall for someone we know we are not supposed to be falling for in the first place?

How can we stop ourselves from getting emotionally attached to someone when we know from the start that it's only going to be a one-way relationship?

These are some of the questions most of us have, if not at the moment, perhaps in the past or can be your future queries. These are applicable particularly to women (like me) who more often than not think too much and are such hopeless romantics.

Is this how perplexed life is in reality? Can we just have fairytale-like love stories with happy endings all the time wherein you marry Prince Charming and you live happily ever after?

Despite these questions, inspite of all the drama, it will still be up to you how you want to live your life. We can never have all the best apples. You will come across rotten apples too. Hence, it's still a matter of choice on how you want to write the saga of your life. You are the sole author of your book. You can edit the story if you feel that it's not going to have a dreamlike finale. Questions will always be questions. You will eventually find the answers, and that is through experience. How you want those questions be answered will be dependent on your choices in life.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Day in the life of a Trainer

I woke up a bit earlier today to prepare for my new class which will start this afternoon. I will get to see new faces once again, and will handle these people for a month or so in training. For our first day, I will conduct New Hire Orientation. That means more of policies and a bit of getting-to-know-one-another stage.
This is my nth class for I have been part of the Training Department for four years now, and counting. Yet, I still get excited whenever I have a new class or "wave" as we fondly call our classes. Aside from excitement, I also feel somewhat scared for performance of these agents depend on what they will learn from training, from me. That is why as a trainer, I conduct root cause analysis on every wave I handle. This is to identify what are the areas I need to focus on and ensure that I produce caliber agents.. Agents that I can be proud of for hitting or exceeding the goals.

So let me start my day. Bring it on!

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monday Again!!!

Rest days are over in a few hours.  As the next day unfolds, I’ll be busy again preparing for my new class.  It means that my body clock will be messed up again.  I will be in the afternoon shift for the next two weeks, then, will be on the AM shift for a month, and will be back on the graveyard shift after.  Sounds fun?  Don’t get me wrong. I love what I am doing.  I love my job.  Being a universal trainer for one of the most stable companies in the Philippines is such a rewarding experience.  

I know you are wondering what a Universal Trainer does.  In the “Call Center” world, the trainer teaches different culture (American, British, Australian, et. al), discusses communications refresher courses, and introduces product specifics, processes, and soft skills that CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) need to acquire.   Despite the so-called pressure of producing top-caliber CSRs from a bunch of timid individuals and mostly neophytes in this industry, it feels fulfilling to witness how these people struggle at first and improve after weeks of rigorous training.  As a trainer, I make sure that training is fun and educational. 

Training people has become m passion.  Who knows, I might be successful ten years from now and even have my own training school by then. J
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Back to square one

For some reasons, I decided on reviving this blog after YEARS of neglecting it.  My life has been a mixture of turmoil and happiness. People come and go, ended different chapters of life, been to different places, experienced heartaches, jadedness, pleasure, and triumph.   My journey primarily is the reason that made me try my hands on writing again.  

I hope his time I can really find time to write regularly even on top of my hectic schedule at work. I also wish I can regain my creative juices in writing because I have almost forgotten how to compose a coherent statement. Hahaha! 

Writing is healthy.  It releases your stress, it soothes emotions, and even boosts your confidence.  I am now working on different articles for all my blog sites.  I will try to change the theme of my sites, too.  This is just the start of a wonderful chapter of my life..
simply mhei 

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