Thursday, March 27, 2014

Perks at Seattles Best

All the established coffee shops now have different perks to attract more customers. Just like here at Seattles Best Coffee, if you have their "Christmas" planner, then you have coupons every month. For the month of March alone, one can take advantage of any of the free medium sized feature drinks (choice of Pretzel Macademia or Caramel Toffee). What's good about this is that you can have it cold or hot. There's no catch. You don't need to buy anything to claim your free drink but since I am hungry, I bought Mushroom and Sausage Omelet for my breakfast and to start my day right.

I chose their Caramel and Toffee Frappuccino. The Barista really did an excellent job in making my drink. This is the first time I have tried this Frappuccino. I normally order SBC's Strawberry or Avocado Milkshake or Chocomint Javakula. Meanwhile, my omelet was made well too. It was served with toasted bread and pineapple marmalade.

Seattles Best Coffee has a wide array of food and drinks you can choose from, there are different kinds pastries and pastas, a large collection of coffee and non caffeinated drinks. Prices are within a typical employee's budget. I just simply love it here!
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