Sunday, March 16, 2014

Back to square one

For some reasons, I decided on reviving this blog after YEARS of neglecting it.  My life has been a mixture of turmoil and happiness. People come and go, ended different chapters of life, been to different places, experienced heartaches, jadedness, pleasure, and triumph.   My journey primarily is the reason that made me try my hands on writing again.  

I hope his time I can really find time to write regularly even on top of my hectic schedule at work. I also wish I can regain my creative juices in writing because I have almost forgotten how to compose a coherent statement. Hahaha! 

Writing is healthy.  It releases your stress, it soothes emotions, and even boosts your confidence.  I am now working on different articles for all my blog sites.  I will try to change the theme of my sites, too.  This is just the start of a wonderful chapter of my life..
simply mhei 

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