Sunday, February 8, 2009


It's so nice to sleep for over 8 hours!!! Specially if your sleep has been ranging from an hour to 4 hours for the past weeks!! I have been rendering overtime for the last three weeks, I would even render overtime during my rest days. We are not really required to render OT but due to my non-stop needs, well, I feel I HAVE to. Even Migs, my hubby, renders OT whenever he can. Let us not mention the incentives if we are to complete 30 hours of overtime for the month of February. Well, that's something we are both looking forward for... We have a lot of bills to pay...not to mention having to fix our car who stopped working all of a sudden. I realized how hard it is not to have a car... Having to commute to my go to the office in business attire..then ride a's not kaartehan or luho as someone would probably say, for me it's a necessesity.

Well, going back to my regular sleep, here comes the endless no-sleep week again for I am back to reality!!! I HAVE TO GO TO WORK...

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