Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mind Over Heart

Possibilities are endless... A million or so ideas keep on popping up. Should I entertain these thoughts? Should I shrug these off?

Vulnerability... Being appreciative of about almost everything... You're in ecstasy one minute and become crestfallen after... You get green with envy though you try hard not to... Mixed signals... Misinterpreted perceptions...

If you're in a higgledy-piggledy state as I am, then, welcome to the club!

It's quite a challenge to resist if you are in solitude, and been longing to be with someone. However, if you just jump in the river without testing it as they say, then, you will never really know if it's too hot or too cold for your own liking. We may even drown ourselves too deep that we can no longer get out of it...

We sometimes go for what we want without thinking of its pros and cons first that this may make us knackered and washed-out in the end. We have to learn how to control our emotions in order for us to win the battles we fight. We can't always choose to use our hearts. We have to learn how to control our emotions.. We can always pretend to be strong outside beneath our weak personalities. Pretension serves as your shield from pain, from hurtful feeling... Do not let your emotions take over. No matter how mixed up your emotions are, learn how to use your brain over your heart.

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