Monday, April 7, 2014

Be Better and Not Bitter

I've been hearing a lot of sad stories about being left alone and being taken advantage of. I know a lot of depressed individuals who long to have someone in their lives for keeps, or the so-called living happily ever after. The truth is, we can't have fairytale-like endings all the time. Something is always bound to happen. Story needs to come to its end. Someone has to eventually leave because of indifferences, the famous "third party", or even death. It's a matter of how you deal with the situation. It is how you turn the table around.

I am also a product of a cataclysmic relationship. Just like in the movies, I played the martyr's role for God knows how long. I have tried to save the matrimony countless times for my own liking and for the sake of my son. I forgave innumerably hoping that it's going to be better. But I guessed wrong. I was treated like shit. I was left for someone else after being in that shoddy relationship for quite a long time. I knew all along that it's inevitably going to happen but I still gambled anyway.

And just like any typical human being who was left alone, I also cried to death. I stooped and begged. I did everything to get the person back, ofcourse, to no avail. Depression stage was the worse I've been to. After a month of two of being too emotional about it, I started to get back on track. As they say, if you can't help yourself, then who will?

With the help of my supportive parents, my son, my real friends who are always there, and new found friends I met along the way, who are also part of my journey, I began to think of life differently. I constantly reminded myself that nothing good will happen if I continue to go on with life feeling inferior and wishing that it can go back the way it was.

I started going out, I worked out, I busied myself at work and I did things that I never dare do before. I closed a chapter of my life and began working on a new one. Now, as I look back, I realized how pathetic I was, how funny my reactions were. I do not regret what has been done and said. My past molded me to who I am now.

I believe that happiness is a choice. If you continue to pursue happiness in the arms of someone who doesn't want you to be in theirs anymore, then you will end up being hurt more. You can find happiness everywhere, whether career-wise, in friendship, and even in being given a chance to rediscover what life has to offer. Try to think of your life in a different perspective. If you fail at one point, it is not the end of the world. Be optimistic. Be free. Live life one step at a time. Let go of your emotional baggage. There is not one person on earth who is problem-free. It is how you deal with it that makes you who you are.

If you keep dwelling on what-must-have-beens, then you will not get over that phase at all. You will be stuck in that situation forever. If you continue to hope that your partner will change for the better, then you are only waiting for nothing. It's about time you think of yourself. Shape up, be better, and not bitter. :)

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