Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Perks of Being Single

Like what I always tell my friends, my trainees, and even acquaintances, "Happiness is a choice". No matter how messed up your life is, regardless of your current situation, it is still your choice to be or not to be happy.

One brilliant example is singlehood. A lot of you maybe longing to be in the arms of someone right now. Or, you maybe wondering as to how long will you have to wait to find Mr./Ms. Right. Some of you are perhaps mourning for being dumped or left by people you love, people you thought will stay beyond eternity. Others are wistfully hoping that destiny goes their way, wishing that the men/women of their dreams show up on their doorsteps soon. Sometimes, we even become desperate because of the happy-looking couples we see around us, that we start to be too emotional about it.

The thing is, to have someone special is not the only way to happiness and contentment. So instead of being blue, instead of being pessimistic, try to think about it in a different perspective.

If you are the type who often think of the downsides of being single, then, start identifying the pros of it. Being single definitely has a lot of perks. Realization is all you need.

1. YOU ARE READILY AVAILABLE - You can go out anytime you want, with just about everyone. You do not need to change your status on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker, among others, hence, if someone likes you, and you like the person, voila! You can enjoy each other's company without restrictions, and without anyone getting mad. You can post multiple pictures of you with different "friends" of the opposite sex without even the slightest hesitation. Plus, being single means that no one will mind and judge you if you go out with different people.

2. MORE TIME FOR YOURSELF - I am a huge fan of loving one's self before others. Narcissism may it sound, but this indeed helps boost your morale. If you think of your own welfare first, your aura becomes more positive and glowing, ergo, people start to notice and will consequently admire you. You can have fun without a partner. You can make your personal appearance even better when you're single since no one has the right to complain. Best of all, you can save more because you do not need to buy presents for a partner's birthday, your anniversary, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's, or for other occasions you feel must be celebrated. Saves money, saves time, and saves you the effort of thinking hard, right?

3. YOU CAN BE A ROLE MODEL - If you have been in a not so good relationship and it did not work out, thus, making you single, or if you are single for what seems to be an eternity, then you can be an inspiration to the people around you, most especially if you remain to be tough and you are not affected with your single state. Everyone will look up to you if you continue to enjoy life and not be affected with the fact that you're single and you're friends
are not.

Again, it's a matter of choice and thinking positively.

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