Sunday, May 11, 2014


Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs known to mankind... From the day one has to care for the little breathing individual inside her womb for nine months, the struggles of labor plus the excitement of carrying your baby for the first time, to the time that you raise your child.

There are so many firsts as a mom. Do you recall your joyfulness when you heard your child utter "mama" or "mommy" for the very first time? Or when your baby first smiled that your world lit up like there's no tomorrow? What about when you first saw your child cry that you felt you have been stabbed deeply by a sharp knife?

It is such an extraordinary and rewarding experience to be a mother. You may not get salaried to be one, but to be able to raise your own kid makes it truly an achievement. No high paying job can ever replaced the feeling of being a mom and being loved and cared for by her children.

Now, the underlying question is this: What makes you a great mother? Do you feel that what you do as a mom is enough? Do you feel that you fall short of your job as a mother? Because of the cultural and social differences of the mother's roles, it is difficult to cite a universal definition of what makes a great mom.

So, what really makes an amazing mother? If you try your best to be be a good mom, then for me, you certainly do your mother's role correctly. We live in a flawed world. Nobody is perfect. No one can be a perfect mom, but someone can be the best mom. So long as we do our roles as mothers to the best of our abilities, I would say that's more than enough.

A great mother tries her best to love her kid/kids unconditionally. Despite the challenges in life, may it be financial, physical or emotional, a good mother does her best to be there for her child/children. To be a wonderful mom, you have to make time for your kid. You try to make fun with your kids. You're not required to be there 24/7 but at least make your child feel that you are always ready to listen and will be there when you're needed. A good mother also tries her best to be a good example to her child/children. A mom should not really tolerate everything her child does, but allows her child to commit mistakes and eventually to learn from them. Best of all, a great mom has to teach her children to live life to the fullest.

To all the moms out there, you are all doing great in raising your kids and for trying to be the best.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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