Sunday, July 13, 2014

Celebrating in Solitude

Autophobia, according to Wikipedia, is the specific phobia of isolation. It is the morbid fear of being egotistical, or a dread of being alone or isolated.

Surprisingly, a huge percentage of the people in our soceity fears to be alone. We see this as dreary, depressing and gloomy. We are so scared of being alone that we do things that may backfire on us and will eventually make us feel more alone.

Fear of not having a partner is on top of the list. We feel that it's the end of the world the moment we lose that "someone" for whatever reason. We fear of being "partner-less" that we desperately end up with anyone who we can be dependent on just for the heck of not being alone.

We also fear of being alone in a strange place far away from where we're from. We are scared of getting lost without anyone we can ask help from. We fear of being friendless, thus, we go out with our so-called friends as much as we can. At times, we even excessively use all social networking sites to avoid the feeling of being alone.

Whatever the case is, the fear of being alone is definitely normal. It's fine to be scared of being left alone because as they say, "No man is an island". We certainly need someone one way or the other. Yet, contrary to that statement, we also need to learn how to be self sufficient. We need to learn how to live and enjoy being in solitude.

The joys of being alone are endless. I guess we are just too blinded with the idea of having someone who can meet our emotional needs; Someone whom we can call ours, someone who can give us comfort, and who can care for you.

All we need is to learn how we can cope with being alone. If it's normal to fear aloneness, then, it's also normal to be alone. Being strong-willed, self sufficient, and changing our mindset are the key ingredients if you want to enjoy solitariness.

Learn to find yourself in solitude. Do things you seldom do by yourself: Read books, watch movies, play music travel alone, discover new hobbies. It may take you a long time to get use to it but it's worth the effort. Un-learn the habit of needing someone to be complete. Remember, no one will help you but yourself in the end, ergo, start to enjoy being alone.

Celebrate life in solitude. We all deserve to be happy. :)

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