Monday, December 1, 2008

Lunch @ Poquito Mas

My husband and I are certified food lovers. We try all the interesting restaurants, with different cuisines and specialties, we even go barbeque or tapsilog(marinated beed with garlic rice and egg) hopping whenever we don't have anything to cook at home.

Last week, we just tried POQUITO MAS located just near our office- Westgate, Filinvest Corp. Alabang,
Muntinlupa City, Philippines. Well, honestly, it was our 2nd time to eat there. I love spanish-latino cuisine as their banner say so-SPLATINO CUISINE.

In Spanish, Poquito Mas means "A little bit no more". Well, that is maybe because they have hefty servings, you will really be bloated after dining at this fab restaurant. And the place looks so homey, has a Mediterranean touch, ambiance is really refreshing. They even have a small conference room if you want to celebrate with your friends, then a dining area outside for people who smoke. It looks a little ancient to me but the interiors are really of class. They serve Spanish and Mexican primarily, but Poquito Mas also serves international cuisine, Asian is one of them. They have lunch buffet on weekdays (The reason we went back).

They serve the best tacos in the world!! You can have it soft or you can have it hard. There's a lot in their menu that it took me a long time to finally decide on what to eat. Ofcourse I don't want to be a glutton on that day and I'm thinking about our budget. Their nachos are just great!! The salsa really goes well with the nachos. And they have several selections of mouth-watering pizzas. This is making me hungry. Hahaha.

On our first visit, we decided to order my ever fave nachos, a rib-eyed steak and callos. And when we found out that they serve lunch buffet at a very reasonable price (PHP299 before tax), we visited Poquito Mas last Friday. Their selection of food on their buffet table are just mouth watering! They have salads, breads, pasta, egg noodles, chicken and bacon, lemon chicken, meat balls, pork belly, barbecue, tropical fruits, brownies...there's a lot that I lost track. Well, I forgot about my diet again and ate a whole lot. I just couldn't help it. Well, I'll look like an idiot if I'll just order onion rings and a glass of iced tea and just stare at Miguel eating different kinds of food, enjoying every bite then the money we'll pay for our food would be deducted from both of our wallets! That's unfair!

We really had a good time at Poquito Mas. They also have Mexican dinner buffet, that's what we will try next. Check out this place.  I'm sure you won't regret it.

♪♫♪Simply mhei♪♫♪


Ayen said...

"My husband and I are certified food lovers. We try all the interesting restaurants" -- it shows!!!! hahaha!

mhei said...

i hate you ayen!!!! hahahaha!!!mwahhh

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