Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Convergys-Alabang once again had an awesome Christmas party on December 15, 2008 help at The Palms Country Club.
The Convergys' Black Fashionista Party- Noire, was this year's theme so obviously, everyone, or mostly all employees ( We couldn't help it if there were some party poopers right?) wore their best black outfits ever.
The party was really fantastic, with great selection of dishes as usual- western cuisine, with several Japanese dishes like sushi and wraps. If only my stomach cooperated with me that night I would have been a glutton.
Since Convergys (CVG) alabang has more than two thousand population at this moment (who would be able to guess that with a factory-sized building,hahaha!), the place was jampacked with party people and some geeks who just want to make sure that they would also be part of the once in a year party.
The annual dance contest was joined by the talented people of CVG, dance group called MOVERS CONNECTION being the awarded as this year's champion. Then ofcourse, the ever famous band of CVG which is MALAYA played series of great songs being rock as their genre. Ofcourse, if there are parties, there are perks like raffles and prizes for the dance contest and best dressed, etc. As usual, I was hoping I would win something even just a small token, and surely, after 4 years with the company, I still didn't get any AGAIN. Life sucks. I hate my friend Red who won trip for 2 to Palawan when I need i
t of all people since our wedding anniversary is just a few days away...grrrrrr RED!!!! Hahaha...sounds bitter eh??

Highlights of the night were the following: Having actor John Pratts as one of the judges for the dance competition and having Parokya ni Edgar as the band for this year's party.

Parokya ni Edgar's songs are just wonderful as ever! They played their old songs and they made the night someting to remember, something to write as blog post. They're all down to earth and I think they enjoyed performing for the CVG people.

Right after the party was a separate party for the TCONS or COACHES (91c01) ...that's us!!!! We went to Central BF ParaƱaque. We could have gone somewhere else having nine thousand pesos as our team fund with all those awards we had in the past. We had our exchange gift, had another pair of havaianas as a gift from my monita Ivy. (Thanks Ivy!! ) Then right after my hubby and I went bar hopping and went to my wavemates and original CVG friends at LAIYA which is just right after central, so we literally bar-hopped from Central to Laiya. The day has been fantastic and tiring but all worth it.
simply mhei

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