Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yesterday was another day to celebrate for the Filipinos. I have two reasons to celebrate. I cheered amongst millions of Filipinos upon the victory of Manny Pacquiao a.k.a. Pacman after defeating Oscar De La Hoya, which is believed to be the most awaited dream match of the year.
The game was really great, specially if you were able to watch it commercial-free. Fortunately for me, I work for a satellite provider in the United States that caters to pay per views and boxing events, so they showed it on all the televivions in the office, they even set up a big screen on the third floor pantry so employees can bring guests to watch it live. Mind you, that's with free flowing snacks that I was even able to bring some home. I rendered overtime to take in calls since a lot of people wanted to watch this grand event. So aside from the overtime pay, watching the fight and getting free snacks, I'll have PHP400 gift cheque that I can use almost everywhere since I rendered OT for 4hours. Cool, isn't it?
Well, the fight had been swell, honestly, I thought all along that De La Hoya will win over Pacman since the former is taller with longer arms than the latter. I didn't want to see any of the two lose. De la Hoya is good looking (hahahaha) and Pacman is a proud Filipino. But of course, only ONE will be proclaimed as the winner. It's not a title match anyway.
De La Hoya had his shares of major blows on the first and second rounds, apparently, Pacman was able to give his best and gave De La Hoya hard punches by the 4th and succeeding rounds that De La Hoya decided to concede before the 9th round started.
Pacman really had a lead on majority of the scorecards even before De la Hoya called it a night. Pacman had landed 224 of 485 punches whereas De La Hoya had only 83 out of 402. Pacman had 195 power punches and De La Hoya only had managed to give Pacman 51 power punches.
Pacman surely gave Filipinos someting to celebrate about. He's really living to that "destroyer" image. He's small but indeed terrible! I pity De La Hoya for having his hadsome face bruised. You can't win 'em all, anyway.
And another thing that I celebrated about yesterday?? Well, It's my fourth year stay with the company I work more year and I can file for an early retirement...Hahahaha!!!
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