Tuesday, December 23, 2008

4th wedding anniversary

December 18, 2008. Another remarkable day for me and my husband since we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. I can't believe it that we haven't strangled each other yet to death until now, hahaha!

I have been uber busy with the holiday and all that I feel I have neglected my blog sites for almost a week now. Well, I swear, after this season is over, I'll try to post as much as I can.

Since we have been really busy with work and the holiday rush, I wasn't able to file for a vacation leave like I normally do in the past. Okay, I admit, I don't have any vacation leave credits for this year because I consumed it all. Well, you know how fun it is to be off work!

So, due to a very hectic schedule and recession (hahaha!), Migs and I just went to a dinner before going to work. Well, the dinner is not just a typical dinner. We went at MELO's steak house @ Westgate.

The place is really nice. It should be nice because the prices of their dishes would draw a hole in your pocket. Melo's serve steaks, their specialty, then a variety of Western cuisine. Check their menu and you'll think twice if you will eat a killer 20-oz-wagyu steak or you will just hit the mall and buy yourself a new cell phone.

Well, we just ordered buffalo wings for appetizer, then Melo's famous steak and gambas as main dishes. Good thing about fine dining restaurants, they do serve extras for free like breads and soup of the day for appetizers and desserts.

Let us not talk about the price because I'd rather not disclose that info and check it for yourselves so you will also experience their to-crave-for selection of dishes. And how you'll never forget having to dine with Melo's because of their friendly attendants and again, the price that you have to pay after.

The best part of the date was having to eat their gigantic steak with mashed potato and some veggies you'd forget your name. It's really superb! Then after the heavy meal, they served a tempting chocolate mousse with grapes. Hell yeah! And the toasts they served were really delicious with caviar. They also have creamy crab soup as soup of the day. Looks yummy, but since I'm allergic to seafood, I passed on that. If only we're rich, we would have bought all the dishes they serve and disobey one of God's 10 commandments about being a glutton. Hahaha.

I know we were not able to go out somewhere else as we planned to, but the date was really fun and something we would want to do again in the future, if money permits. Hahaha. Just think that you will spend the same amount of money if you go out of town or something. Try Melo's, you'll enjoy it, and I'll bet my life on it. Happy anniversary to us!!!

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kat said...

Wow, four years as Mister and Missus---cheers!

Hmmm, that place seems nice. I'm looking for somewhere to go this Valentine's Dayjust around the Westgate area because the boyfriend works there (Ever tried Bona Coffee?He's one of the baristas there) and he's got to go to work after our date. Sucks big time, but we've got to do what we have.

I'm very happy for you, the hubby, and the charming little boy. Many many more happy years of loving, laughing, and of course, dining out!

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