Saturday, November 29, 2008

my son

Today is Sunday, a perfect day to spend time with your family. After a very tiresome week and working endlessly, we deserve to take a break. The week has been really busy for me, going to work at 9pm and leaving the office at around 11 to 11:30am. Don't get me wrong. I do not work for more than 12 hours, that's against our labor code. I don't go on double shifts neither. I love my job but I'm not workaholic. Shift really starts at 9pm for me, having to work for a call center. I'm just the average employee who works for 8 hours plus an hour of lunch and two 15-minute coffee breaks. Time is just different from a regular office employee. I stay at the office late not because I have to finish loads of work. I stay at the office even hours after my shift to wait for my husband. We work for the same company and his shift starts during the wee hours of the morning. Now, you may think that I wait for my husband to keep an aye on him, to make sure that he doesn't have girls...Heck, NO!! You might even think that I'm playing the martyr's role...uh-huh!! Since we only have one car and due to the economic crisis, our set up is to wait for each other rather than having one commute and the other one using the car. Miguel, my hubby, would go to work at least 5 hours early his shift and I will stay 5 hours late to wait for him, get the picture? Honestly, this arrangement saves us big time, we only spend less than a hundred pesos on gas going back and forth the office, and if we commute, we'll spend more than a hundred bucks. We are also cutting cost on the electricity. Since we're at work, we don't use the aircon at home too much, we don't use other electric appliances. We have a sleeping lounge at the office so Miguel just sleeps at the office before his shift starts and I sleep (sometimes) at the office while killing time and waiting for him.

So that makes me busy the entire week? Since we have Josh, our son, we only get to see him during our rest days. We leave him to our nursing home, courtesy of my loving parents ofcourse since we don't have a maid. So whenever we are with josh, we make sure that we spend it as splendidly as possible. On your left is my Joshua, my 3-year old son whom we love so much. As much as we really love to be with him 24/7, we have to work hard for his future. This boy is so sweet. At a very young age, he makes sure that he says I love you. He can't talk much yet, but you can see how smart he is. I admit, he's sometimes a pain in the neck for being so obnoxious. He will throw anything he can get his hands on, scatter his toys everywhere and break vases, etc. He's not afraid of me so whenever I scold, he finds it funny and would tease me even more. But wait till he sees his dad! He'll hide under the table because he knows he's in trouble big time. He probably got that attitude from his dad. Joshua is so friendly that he says hi to every people who passes by. He even will say hi to fish vendors and post men. But since he's an only child, he loves attention so much that when he notices that our attention will divert to someone else, he goes ballistic. But for me he's such an angel specially when he's sleeping soundly. He looks like me, right?
Well, can't wait to see Josh later. We'll probably go to the mall, eat, then go home. Anyway, I still have two more nights to put my son to sleep. I'll go back to work on Tuesday. I have Sundays and Mondays as rest days. Then Miguel have Wednesdays and Thursdays off, so we will bring our Joshua back to his nursing home on Thursday night. That's how our family life is.

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