Saturday, November 1, 2008

Signs that you're INLOVE

Sometimes I wish I can be single again and all. I's not saying that my married life is on the rocks. It's actually doing just great. I just envy my friends when they tell me how awesome their partners are. Here I go again...being hopeless romantic. So how would you know if you were struck by Cupid?? Ofcourse I love my husband so much, but I can't help but think how would it be if you have been single for the longest time and all of a sudden you stop and say to yourself "I think I'm inlove", with a gleam in your eyes. So, what are the signs then?

*YOU FEEL COMPLETE-From having an uber pessimistic personality, you turned into a very logical human being. You feel like no one understands you before the way he does now. You see yourself building a family with 3 kids with him. Yes, you feel like uttering that line from a movie "You complete me".

*YOU ARE CORNY-You suddenly become a party pooper-you just want to be with him. You can no longer be found at any get-together. You nake plans to go out with friends and cancel it on the last minute because the object of your affection asked you out for a date.

*RADIO IS YOUR NEW BESTFRIEND-You put your JAY-Z and NELLY cd's in the drawer and you start listening to Frank Sinatra and Angela Bofill all day. You listen to every line intently, feeling like every word makes sense. You feel like the songs are created just for you.

*YOU FEEL LIKE DYING WHEN YOU'RE NOT TOGETHER-You feel devastated when you have to part ways, specially when he can't be with you to go to a business trip. If only you can fit yourself inside a luggage just to be with him. Then you go to your friends (which you neglected literally when you met him) and bore them to death about your new love story.

*YOU THINK ABOUT HIM 24/7-You think about him when you wake up, while doing the laundry, while eating, when you are at work (you write his name across yours), while preparing dinner and before going to sleep. Everything reminds you of him, even that silly cat of you neighbor.

*YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT-You laugh at all jokes though they aren't really funny. You smile at all times and that sparkle in your eyes will always be there specially if you talk about him. You started doing weird things you though you wouldn't dare do in the past and now you feel it's fun.


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