Friday, November 7, 2008

team building/bday party of boss

Yesterday was really awesome. Well, it really didn't start swell for I have to work during the wee hours taking endless calls. I swear, I almost thought of quitting because of those irate customers disputing their bills, asking for credits, complaining the service they get from us, complaining of having to wait on the queue forever....Good thing that we have a team building afterwards sponsored by the birthday celebrant- our boss, AJ. He reserved a very cool resort in BF ParaƱaque. Actually, the owner of the place is his relative. I don't think it's really being rented for the place is superb! It's just a house, well, not really JUST a house, since it's really huge. I'll post the pics sometime next week..stupid me, I forgot to get Ann's memory card so I can upload 'em right away.

Let me introduce the rest
of the Transition Coaches, or TCON's as they call it at work. Let me do it clockwise...I'll start from top left. Billy, the bald guy, who is one of the heartthrobs whenever we have transition agents (Agents who graduated from PST or Product Specifics Training, "transitioning" from training to the production floor). Next is our ever beloved BOSS AJ, who is somewhat strict (that's a compliment boss) but with a funny bone in his body. He's very efficient, mind you. Just make sure you hit the metrics and you're good. Next to boss AJ is Ann, our baby doll. Don't ask me why we call her baby doll because I honestly can't remember where it all started. Then, there's Ayith, which is THE LEGEND, being with Directv (our account) since it started it's operation in Alabang (need I say more?). Ofcourse, next to her is yours truly. After me, there's Jen, the mommy of all mommies. She really is a mom to everyone, even me, who's a mom,hahaha! KC or Khryzz is the person next to Jen, who's the sister of our old boss. Then, there's Cath, our AHT(Average Handle Time) queen. peace Cath :) Rose is next, I don't know how to describe her...she's good, she's the type who will tell you stories about life in general. After Rose is Ces, The youngest of all, one of the hot chicks (next to me,hahaha!). Well, behind that good looks-you'll never guess it but she can slap you real hard, and for her that's just a tap. After her is Chryss, who is not reporting to work anymore...(miss you Chryss!!) Then, there's Ivy, small but terrible (literally???). Then Dheck, another one of the sought-after TCON's, always being tagged as the TCON who smells good (so don't we smell as good as him?). next to Dheck is Marco, a very happy guy, he always smiles-not to himself. Then Eric is next, or should I say Don Eric? The big time alabanger guy who's feet stays glued to the ground, well, not literally or he won't be able to move his wheelchair to places. And last but the least,er, not the least, Rosh, one of the funniest. Oh, there's Richard, but he wasn't in the picture or he would have ruined everything.(good thing..hahaha!!kidding Chard!)

Going back to the party, the place is really great. The pool is big, there's jacuzzi, sauna, there's an entertainment room, and there's a hut on the second floor where you can relax and just drink or whatever. There's another hut on the pool side wherein you can lie down and just feel the wind breezing on your cheeks. Boss AJ ordered a lot of food, courtesy of Contis' and bought beers and vodkas. Well, I don't drink anymore, so I just spent majority of the time singing my heart out in the entertainment room, which is air-conditioned. Some went to swim, some stayed on the the bigger hut and played cards while drinking and the rest went to our concert in the entertainment room. It really was fun, that although we didn't sleep for almost 24 hours, being with friends and enjoying the time made it really worthwhile.


kat said...

Wow, you don't drink anymore?Good for you!

mhei said...

yeah.. i'm now a good girl...can you believe it ?? hahahah

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