Tuesday, November 11, 2008

pictures of our teambuilding/bday of boss

We had our team building last week/birthday of our ever beloved boss AJ. Since i don't have a digital camera, i was able to upload the pictures just now. Like what I've said on my last post, the place was really awesome!! I hope we can go back there for the team's Christmas party.

We had our hard earned 3-day off after the team building, since we had split-offs for the past 2 weeks. This coming week, we have another 3-day off, life couldn't get any better, right? Well, after our rest days for this week, we will go back to the same Sunday-Monday off. Darn.

Here, some of us posin
g @ the pool side. We have been soooo tired since we came from the 10pm till 7am shift then we headed right away to this place. In short, we only slept when we went home so it was like we were awake for more than 24 hours. But it's all worth it.The swimming pool looks just great! It can accommodate 50 guests I think and you can still move around the pool. There are trees around as you can see, fully landscaped greenery and something that looks like a fountain, that is really not a fountain, do I make sense? Hahaha!

The place
looks inviting. You can relax and have fun at the same time. If it get's too hot, there's a nipa-like cottage that you can go to or you can just stay at the air-contioned entertainment room, where you can choose to sing or to make fun of whoever is singing!!

And if it get's way too cold, you have the option of staying inside the sauna forever and loose those ugly pounds (ouch!!!), or you can do a walkaton or something to perspire. That's by the way Richard on your left, he's the other TCON (Transition Coach) that was not on our group pic that I posted the last time. He's the epitome of staying inside the sauna for an hour and being the runner(or our boy, hehehe) of the day.

If you get too drunk, then you can sleep in this nipa hut. Just beware since it's beside the pool. Next thing you know, you're already thrown at the pool by your good-natured(?) friends.

What's the best part? You can take pictures just about anywhere!! If you're a photo addict ( like us), then you can never run out of posing to do and places to have your picture taken.

You ca
n take picture as soon as you get to the place...while waiting for the food to be served. Also after eating when your stomach is already full

When doing absolutely nothing, when others are busy doing something and you're just waiting for your turn...when getting drunk..Or how you look before drinking and after...

Resting by the poolside after having an absurd water fight with your peers.... Or just simply posing because the view is great....

I hope we can do it again...without spending a dime...(dream on Mhei!!)

♥♥♥simply mhei♥♥♥


katcarneo said...

hmmmm, where is this place?

mhei said...

it's in Sinag Tala Village, Phase 1, BF ParaƱaque.. Let's go there sometimes

I know where u are and what connection you're using!

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