Tuesday, November 4, 2008

our hard-earned car

I have always wanted to own a car. I have been working my ass out for the longest time and finally, we were able to buy(along with my husband) one last summer. Well, it's not a brand new car, not something that will cost you a fortune, not something you can be proud of like Miata or Porsche...But I'M DEFINITELY PROUD OF IT since it's our first car and from our hard-earned money. It's just Mitsubishi Galant model 91. We're so lucky to get it at a very competitive price, let me not mention though how much, but we got it in a perfect(well, not so perfect since it's a second hand) condition. No scratches, cool aircon, superb sound system and all the works! It's just very untimely for us to buy a car when everyone else would rather commute because of the gas hike. Right now, I would still say it's a good buy and we can go almost anywhere without having to commute, or ride a cab. It's no longer a hassle for us to go to my mom's place to leave my son (we don't have a maid) and pick him up after a few days. (When it's our off). Plus the recent gas roll back which is at least for a peso or two ever... I hope that continues.

I did mention that it was in a very minty condition when we bought it. Well, just a couple of months after, we were so lucky that we got hit by a truck, or let me rephrase that, WE HIT A TRUCK!! I didn't know if my hubby just didn't see the truck slowing down or he was just daydreaming...He was the one driving by the way since I don't know how to drive. I tried to, once or twice, but he said I'm a clutch driver. (Ours is just manual transmission) In short, I'm always on the passenger's seat, with my husband as the driver. Going back to the incident, I don't know how luckier we can get...we actually hit that stupid truck (Or..are we the stupid ones??) just right across where there were a handful of policemen. So in short, we have to pay or we'll stay there forever. What's worse?? (I can say this is cataclysmic) WE DON'T HAVE A LICENSE!! And what else? It happened the day before our pay day!!Sucks, right? Thanks to our life savers AYEN AND NICO whom I phoned. They came to the rescue an hour later and paid the police 750pesos. They said we were lucky because sometimes you will be asked to pay around two thousand or even more. If you come to think of it, we were still lucky because no one got hurt (We were with another officemate Rina), and we hit a truck that didn't get any dent at all.

So, what happened to the car?? Well...it got dented big time. The hood had a big dent, the grill of the car was busted totally, so we have to use my son's shoelace (very clever right?) to close the hood of the car. Now, what we are doing is to have it fixed one at a time. We started with the hood, it's a little ok now, then, we had the aircon fixed. I think it got affected by the accident, and now we had the grills replaced. So it looks as good as new (Well, not really). At least it looks like a car again,hahaha!

Now, I've realized that maintaining a car is such a pain. You have to make sure that the car undergoes tune-ups, change oils, overhaul, what have you. You also have to take it to the nearest car wash every week. Then, you also have to pay for the registration every year whick would cost you 3-5 thousand!! Well, that's the price I have to pay literally for wanting comfort of not commuting and passing short cuts.

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