Sunday, October 26, 2008

Signs of being a shopoholic

You might ask me what a shopaholic is? The term was derived from words "shop" and "alcohol". Shop is addictive and so is alcohol, so if you put it together, it's way over control. If you spend too much on shopping, then you're one hell of a shopping addict!

Here are some of the signs that you are becoming obsessed to shopping:

1. Your day will not be complete without buying any thing.
2. The idea of going out to shop gives you thrill.
3. You wouldn't miss the next big sale.

4. When you get depressed or somewhat stressed at work, you proceed to the nearest shopping mall.
5. You just bought 3 pairs of stiletto shoes and you are eyeing another pair and considering on buying it.
6. You have a huge selection of clothes, some even have tags on it still.
7. You buy stuff that you don't really use.
8. You have more than one credit card.
9. You get a little guilty when you get home for buying that jewelry that cost sky high.
10. You're always way over your budget.

11. You splurge on gifts.
12. You only leave the mall when mall is about to close.
13. You have a lot of belts one can ever imagine.
14. Boxes of shoes are scattered all over the room since you don't know where to place 'em anymore.
15. You always have the latest in fashion and you make fun of fashion disasters.

16. You know practically all the brands of perfumes in the world by heart.
17. You have 30 lipsticks of different shades, 2 dozens of blush-ons, 20 sets of eye make-up and they are all stuck in the drawer.
18. You go from one boutique to another until your feet gets hurt that you want to sit down and rest.

19. You can barely see your name on your credit card, it's been so worn out since its being swiped at all times.
20. You love collecting shopping bags of different brands.

So, are you one of them??? Beware!! :)



Ayen said...

im not a shopaholic (for now...) hehehe!

mhei said...

that's really good to hear :)

kat said...

so I only said yes to three items on the list and I'm far from being a shopaholic.Yay!

but, if you make a "signs of being a workaholic" list, that's a different story.

I know where u are and what connection you're using!

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