Sunday, October 12, 2008

for you mah honey

It's such a pain in the ass having to share my pc with my hubby. He's a computer freak like me that sometimes I would want to strangle him just for me to be able to write, grrrr!!!!We have the same days off, we work for the same company, we almost have the same shift, we even share the same car so it's sooooo hard for me to squeeze in what I love most, of course, it’s pretty obvious what I wanna do…And to think it was solely his idea that I should start to write again and earn a living. He said I should do what I’ve always wanted to do and where I’m very good at…you know husband and your family are your fans. So while waiting for my turn, I played with my son who is 3years young, cooked dinner as early as 4pm, did some of the household chores, played game on my cell phone, and he’s still NOT YET done!!! As if he’ll make money by checking all the cars in the world! As if we can buy those luxury and not so good classic cars. So what is left for me to do?? What else? Go to sleep and just forget about it for the meantime… So yes, I slept @ around 5:30pm, too early, I would say for a Sunday, and for someone who still have another day off. Now, it’s 2am and luckily, my honey wants to go to sleep (FINALLY!!), and the computer is all mine!!! Well, you might think that I hate my husband… I DO AT SOME POINTS…but I LOVE HIM and I’m willing to accept him for what he is AS LONG AS HIS PAYCHECK GOES STRATIGHT TO ME.

This is me and my hubby when we’re not fighting….


Almost 6 years back, when I was still in college, I had to meet a friend after my first day as a writer/respondent for one of the major newspapers here in the Philippines. THANKS to STARBUCKS COFFEE, while waiting for my gal buddy, someone asked what time it was then, you know how guys start conversations…then introduced himself to me…well I can’t help if I’m pretty..haha… I don’t want to bore you with all the juices and not- so-exciting details of my love life….so the rest is history, we tied the knots a year and a half after, when we found out that there’s my little JOSHUA inside my belly, had the wedding preparation in less than a month’s time and now still together and hopefully together until all our hair turned gray and have grand kids. Whenever I tell our love story to our friends, they will have the sudden urge to go to the nearest STARBUCKS PLACE and try their luck.
And you know what? Whenever I think about it, I realized that my life wouldn’t be any better than this. I feel contented with all the blessing I have, with a good paying job hired by one of the top companies in the world, with a good position as well, having a handsome, witty but bratty kiddo that makes your day complete, having a loving mom and dad even at their old age, and to top it with a very fine-looking, very understanding-although-immature-at-times husband, what else can I ask for? So even if my hubby stares @ the computer forever, that’s quite fine with me as long as I’ll also have my turn.

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