Tuesday, October 21, 2008

another day in hell

You can't blame me if I just sometimes drag myself to work literally. If you work for a company for 4 years now, you would probably feel the same. I had my hard-earned 2 days off-work but I still feel that it's not enough...As i write, i only have a couple of hours left and it's work time again...what can I say?

Lately, I've been blabbering how dead-boring my life has turned into. I no longer have time to go out with friends like I used to...Not even have time to buy things f
or myself. To make things worse, I have to battle my way just to be able to use this freaking pc!! Like I've said before, my hubby and I are both computer freaks. I have to really strangle him to death(of course, I don't do it) so i can use it.

In short, my life revolves with him and my little bratty but ever so lovable son. Going back to my work, it really kills me to think that I have to work on the wee hours of the day when practically everyone in this side of earth are dosing off. Well, it pays well, If I may add, some will say job is really simple and easy, since it's a call center industry that you will say that all you need to do is sit down and take in calls. I DEFINITELY BEG TO DISAGREE!! If you are on a customer service industry, you have to have the patience and the guts to stay with the company longer. You wouldn't want to have irate customers who will curse you to death and will say you are stupid for not explaining the bill where in fact you explained it properly that you even went to the extent of explaining it the way you would on a grade school student, and yet, it wasn't understood at all. You wouldn't want NOT to have a quarterly incentive by not hitting the metrics, say not being able to hit the target for quality and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) guidelines. You wouldn't want to have high blood or low blood pressure for staying awake all throughout the night. You wouldn't want to be criticized for not being able to at least compose a coherent sentence. I bet you also won't like to drink 4 mugs of coffee every day just to make sure that you are awake the whole night. Well, that just few of those that someone who works at a call center tries to bear just to be paid. It's one hell of a job. I'm not saying that I don't like it, infact, I LOVE it so much. I Love the feeling of teaching new agents how it goes, how they can inprove on their calls and what not. I just want probably to try something new.(Which I DON'T think I'll do in the near future)

So, if you think it's still easy, why not give it a shot...EMAIL ME @ may_delmundo@yahoo.com or post your comment here


kat said...

I went Awol on the two call center companies I worked for, not having stayed for more than four months combined. The first one was simply not for me---I was put in a major computer account when my tech knowledge didn't exceed that of your average old-maid aunt and my voice made people on the other line think I'm a pushover. The second one was worse---I was put in an aggressive selling account, and who would want to believe someone who sounds like a 13-year old?

I abhorred the graveyard shift. I found myself constantly tired even if I have just woken up. I also couldn't bear being shouted at, or being replied to so sarcastically. Working in a call center wasn't exactly the best time of my life, so I salute the people who have managed to overcome the initial shock of having to reverse their body clocks, and stretching the patience strings to the max.

mhei said...

thanks kat. That makes me feel a little better now :)

I know where u are and what connection you're using!

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