Monday, October 6, 2008

writer's block

Writing has always been my passion. It’s where I can express my innermost thoughts, writing is my companion…But as much as I want to pursue career as a writer, something or someone will come along the way. It has been years since I last tried my hands on it…and now, I’m beginning to like the idea of writing again and see if all the creative juices will come out…I honestly don’t know how to start, you know when you get that so-called writer’s block…nothing is coming out my numb mind…but I’ll just keep on writing and writing just hope I’ll get there again someday…Well, what can I say???
I started to write before I can walk, of course, not literally. As early as my grade school years, I already have this thing for writing. Like other teens, I wrote poems about my crush, what love is, what life brings, you name it, and I write it. As I grew older, my passion for it became more intense that I started to join student publications, writer’s and editor’s associations and the likes.
Well, let this be a fresh new start for me…

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