Monday, October 13, 2008

what should come first

How time flies really fast...I still remembered celebrating Christmas with my family, next thing I knew, we only have less than a hundred days left before that most-awaited season. That reminds me, I have a lot of inaanaks (God children). I think I have more than a dozen now, OMG!!!! I better start shopping for presents now or I hide on Christmas day to save my butt.

As a true-blooded Filipino, I am one of those who really makes an extra effort to celebrate this season and I make sure that I will make my love-ones happy by giving little tokens or memorabilia. Of course, I also want something new, like new clothes, shoes, gadgets and the likes if my budget will cooperate with me. With all the credit cards and bills that i have to pay, not to mention needs of my baby josh my son and my ever-so-luxurious hubby, well, need I say more??

But of course, i have to set my priorities straight. I have a list of what to buy and what NOT to buy as early as now... What needs to be done and what needs NOT to be done...all those stuff...I have to be very careful this time or I'll end up living in the shanties.

So here goes my priority list:
Food for Christmas:
1. Ham - Just the local good old brands will do
2. Traditional Spaghetti (have to do away with white or Italian sauce since they are so pricey)
3. Beef Caldereta - my ultimate fave
4. 1 Kilo cocktail hotdog - the cheaper the brand the better
5. 1 whole Lemon Chicken - will cook it my way
6. Graham Cake for dessert - really easy to do, no need to splurge big time on blueberry
cheese cakes, you just need to buy Graham crackers, condensed milk, whipped cream,
then top it with ripe mangoes and you're good to go
7. Local Wine - Christmas won't ever be complete without wine.

If you have your whole family with you, celebrating Christmas the simple way will still be a remarkable experience.

Gifts for Christmas:
This is the hardest part. Aside from the fact that you want the person to like the present you'd give, you also would want to give every person you know in earth but you're on a fixed income. That really sucks.

For my 3 year-old son, my godchildren, who has the same age as my little kiddo, toys really works for them. Elderly peeps might contest since kids won't be able to use it when they get older, but I don't see the logic of buying something like a pair of jeans or books that children won't really appreciate. They will probably say "Thanks", but will just ignore it and will just continue with whatever they are doing when you butted in. Anyway, there's always Christmas every year, not to add their birthdays every year so why bother?

Now, for your boss, family members, friends and colleagues, You can always buy ingredients or something to make cakes, brownies or Christmas chocolates. It may be a little tedious, but it's worth the sweat. Or, If you're not into cooking, buy regular candles or create candles, the just decorate it with Christmas colors. You can also buy beads and fake stones of different colors then turn it into bracelets, necklaces and earrings, or even key chains. That's what I actually intend to do once my paycheck gets in. For those who would have read it before Christmas, and you received something from me that just looks like exactly what I am describing right now, just pretend you're not aware of my blog.

Women are not hard to please, but for guys?? Well, this is one major challenge for me. If my husband represents all the men in the world, then I'll be poor BIG TIME for the rest of my life. Men are so into cars, sports and gadgets, and I can't afford to buy an ipod or a laptop, much worse a car!!! So I think I'll just settle with the classic socks and neck tie-HECK!!! NO WAY!!! Since I'm on an ever-budget mode, guy-kyechains and pens will do. And If it's a guy boss, then Ill just bake a cake or anything yummy.

Now, for my decorations, I'll make it as simple as I can. For one thing, I don't think I'll have anough money to buy more stuff after buying everything above, and number two, I don't want my electricty bill to shoot up again. That will definitely thwor me out my budget.
Most possibly, I will just use the same decorations i had for last year, If the lighst are still working...just great!! If I need to replace a bulb or two, so be it. No need to buy a new Christmas tree since mine still looks good for me...I might need to add few bells and other decors as well, and my holiday will be more than perfect...

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