Friday, April 24, 2009

Is it really summer??

For the months of March until May, Philippines is known to have a very hot climate. When I say hot, it's really HOT that you want to stay inside the fridge forever than perspire like raindrops. It is so hot and humid that even you are walking at a very slow pace, it seems like you did an hour of jogging for sweating big time. Electricity bills definitely will shoot up for turning the aircon practically 24/7. Ice cream and Halo Halo vendors will surely get better income for everyone will crave for something cool.

Well, for the past 4 days, if my calculation is correct, it has been raining real hard. I don't know if we have a storm coming since I seldom watch telly. It is supposed to be summer time and it's raining. Weird, isn't it? Ofcourse I am not complaining. Even if I have to commute and be stranded the whole day and get home with mud all over my jeans... I LOVE IT! I just love the feeling of seeing those people wet and all because they don't have umbrellas handy, hahaha!!! Kidding side, we need rain on summer season like this to somehow balance the weather.

I just hope it won't rain tomorrow because it's BEACH DAY for me!!!

simply mhei

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