Thursday, October 22, 2009

comeback Ü

It's been a while since I last opened my blog sites. I have been very busy these past months at work and at home that I couldn't find any spare time to write at all. I just couldn't fit it with all the household chores and endless tasks at the office. Well, I am still busy but finally, I was able to sit down without my son pestering me, and without my hubby making snide comments on me using the computer for hours.

Well, it's already October and just a few weeks away and it's Christmas time again. I have to start scouting for presents for my inaanaks again. I want it to be different this time. Because I usually shop for gifts latter part of the year, and I realized that t-shirts or toys have always been what I have in mind. I know my inaanaks are already getting tired of it, and I bet they would want something new. I definitely have to go to the mall and start checking for other items i can give.

When you say Christmas, it's also synonymous to being a glutton, so I better start my diet or I'll look like the biggest looser. I have to stop craving for chicken skin or Mang Raul's BBQ!! I have to steer away from co-workers selling delicious pastas and brownies! I have to start hitting the gym once again or I'll have a not-so-good-looking body forever, with an aching lower back at that.

Since we feel the season for the entire month of December, Christmas for me also means ANNIVERSARY. That's wedding anniversary and CVG anniversary. When I say wedding anniversary, that means I have to start scouting for a place to go to: Out of town escapade would definitely be wonderful! Any idea? Coron or Panglao? or Siargao? .... And when I say CVG anniversary, it will be my fifth year with my ever-beloved employer- Convergys Philippines. Fifth year is synonymous to retirement!! yahoo!!! So i can retire at an early age anytime after December!!

I definitely am looking forward to everything! ☻☺☻

simply mhei ☺

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