Sunday, November 8, 2009

christmas countdown

46 more days and it's Christmas!!!!

I never paid attention on this until now. Unlike the previous years, I get all excited counting the days before Christmas. I would usually start my countdown as early as October. I would even start jotting down people whom I'll be giving present on this once a year special occasion.

I dunno if recession has to do with it, or a calamity like Ondoy has a major say on this, but I realized that it's just not me who's not too excited for Christmas. Well, it's really nice to be with your love-ones and to receive and give presents on this day, but to make it as extravagant as the Christmases in the past- i think this is out of the question now.

I strongly believe that we can celebrate the holiday season without splurging too much cash on hand, or going extra your credit card limit. One of these days, I will come up with great ideas on how to celebrate Christmas in a cheaper way.

46 more days and we can make Christmas 2009 the best Christmas still.

simply mhei ☺☻☺

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