Sunday, November 15, 2015

Turning My Pre-Christmas Jitters into Pre-Christmas Excitement

39 days before Christmas (Manila Time GMT+8)... The climate is observed to be colder now, thus, a sign that Christmas is just around the corner.

Whenever I travel at night going to my office, I see those colorful Christmas lights and different Christmas decors that are artistically designed. This is yet again, the time of the year that everyone is looking forward to: spending and celebrating the season with your love ones.

Unlike the rest, I always have this weird feelings seeing those Christmas lights and sad reaction when I hear Christmas carols that I try hard not to be bothered about. Something about the season makes me wish at times to be a kid again, when I can just wait for Santa Clause to give me my present. Whether or not I have a special someone, or a partner, I have been feeling this way from the time I hit adulthood. I always feel empty. I feel unloved, and alone. But since I know that it won't do me any good, I literally force myself not to think about it. I think of happy memories instead, or should I say I try my best to think of such?

If you are like me, there are things you can focus on, than dwell on negativity.

1. Gifts!! - Even if you are the most unlikeable person in the world, somebody is still bound out there to give you a Christmas present, either to make amends with you, or to spite you, hence, look forward to these gifts.

2. Bonus - This is the most anticipated time of the year that you'd get incentives from your bosses. Make sure that you spend it wisely.

3. Long Weekends - This is the time of the year where offices close so you get to be out of the office for more than just the regular weekends. This is not really applicable for all as some NEED to go to work even on holidays. On a more positive note, that means Holiday/premium pay for you!

4. Christmas Parties/Reunions - Aside from seeing long lost relatives, friends, colleagues, and the like, this is also your time to shine, to be best-dressed when you attend office parties or family gatherings where you can take a selfie of yourself and update your profile pic on social networking sites.

5. Ruin your diet - This is the ONLY season that you have every right in the world to eat anything you want without being mad at yourself as this is the season of loving and eating. This is the only season that you have an excuse to gain weight. This serves as your reward for being on a strict calory count for the entire year. You can start your diet again anyway in January, when you are ready with your New Year's Resolution.

Happy Holidays!!! Always be positive! :)

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