Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Page 365 of 365

Amidst the chaos today being the last day of the year, I decided to sit and rest for a while to reminisce how the last 364 days were.

Twenty fifteen, a remarkable year, a year full of ups and downs, just like any other year. I experienced fragments of utmost disappointments, extreme challenges, mixed emotions and heartaches, surprises, and new opportunities. How can I not forget how this year started with all the struggles I had gone to the extent of losing everything I have including people who trust me?

As I scan through the pages of my life's story, I realized how strong I have become for overcoming the bumpiest roads. First half of the year was indeed a mess that I was even on the verge of giving up; That in spite of my constant effort to be better, seemed as if that luck was the farthest I could ever feel back then. I acted desperately so just I could get out from the darkness, which now I would say is God's way of telling me that I only need to trust Him and His plans. Problems really poured in badly and endlessly like the heavy raindrops which look like won't stop from falling. But these dark days turned to wonderful sunny days, the disappointments turned into great opportunities, and best of all, challenges became strengths.

I know, there are still going to be rocky roads and roller-coaster rides that I need to go through as I close the last page of this chapter and as I open another. I hope I can write a better story of my life in 2016. A story full of lasting memoirs of love, happiness, and contentment.

As I looked outside, I still see people busy preparing to end 2015 with a bang. And reality hits me. Page 365 is about to end.

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